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FORMERLY ITBM Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) Deliver business outcomes with confidence by consolidating all your work and aligning it on a single, AI-driven cloud platform. Connect strategy with delivery to provide 360º of visibility so you can speed value across the organization. Watch Demo See Infographic
SPM Overview
One platform for enterprise automation Break down silos and gain visibility across the enterprise, equipping business leaders with the information they need to make decisions and meet goals quickly. Unify data and workflows on the Now Platform®, a single system of action for the enterprise. Watch Video  Explore Platform
Featured apps and capabilities for Strategic Portfolio Management SPM groups key applications and capabilities into packages that can scale with you as your needs change. Now Assist for SPM Break down barriers with generative AI to deliver customer value quickly. Strategic Planning Connect strategy to execution with end-to-end planning in a single workspace. Scenario Planning Simulate and compare investment scenarios to align your portfolio with your business strategy.  Investment Funding Manage funds based on business needs and your organization’s strategic objectives. Agile Development Manage scrum or development work throughout the lifecycle from a unified backlog of tasks.  Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Align Agile software and product development efforts for speed and efficiency.  Project Portfolio Management Gain visibility into traditional, agile, and hybrid work to optimize portfolios. Demand Management Capture, assess, and manage demands from the business in one location. Collaborative Work Management Empower teams and simplify work with a hub for planning, visualization, and collaboration. Resource Management See staff availability, allocation, and capacities for all work tracked in ServiceNow. Innovation Management Capture new ideas from across your organization in a single location. Digital Portfolio Management Make informed decisions with a unified view of services, products, and apps. Release Management Plan, design, build, configure, and test hardware and software and software releases with precision. Predictive Intelligence Simplify and accelerate everyday work with built-in machine learning. Virtual Agent Resolve issues fast with an intelligent chatbot that understands simple, human language. Process Mining Improve outcomes by optimizing process flows to streamline work. Performance Analytics Anticipate trends, prioritize resources, and continuously improve with real-time analytics. Load More
Do more with Strategic Portfolio Management Combine Strategic Portfolio Management with other products and apps to create a powerhouse technology platform. Differentiate your business with the secure and resilient technology delivery. Discover Solution
Put AI to work for people Empower your people with business-ready AI from ServiceNow. From the front office to the back office and all in between, our intelligent platform harnesses AI to put smart answers at your employees’ fingertips, letting you translate that intelligence into action. Explore Generative AI
"ServiceNow brings state-of-the-art functionality to project management. The platform approach will make it easier to leverage meaningful data." Christian Dietrich VP, Global Project Services, T-Systems Read Case Study See All Case Studies
Explore further Dive into overview articles on a variety of topics related to Strategic Portfolio Management. Learn About ServiceNow See All Articles What is strategic portfolio management? What is Project Portfolio Management (PPM)? What is digital transformation? What is generative AI? What is innovation management? What is resource management? What is Agile portfolio management? What is the difference between Agile vs. Waterfall? What is SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)? What is IT automation? What is hybrid project management? What is the difference between ServiceNow and Jira?
Benefits Align your entire organization to deliver the outcomes that matter with Strategic Portfolio Management.
Roadmap your strategy Build clearly defined, continuously adaptable plans. Visualize strategies and targets, know whether you’re meeting objectives, and make decisions with confidence. Explore Agile Development Manage Your Portfolio
Align work to strategy   Respond quickly when changes are needed. Enable planners to identify, prioritize, and schedule the right work while aligning teams, driving efficiency, and staying on strategy.  Explore Demand Management  Plan Scenarios 
Deliver value fast  Enable teams to work in the way they can be most effective, in Agile, traditional, or hybrid methodologies, while staying aligned to strategic goals.  Explore SAFe  Discover Strategic Planning 
World of Work
The rise of hybrid work delivery High-performing organizations prioritize flexible work delivery.
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Drive business agility and resilience Find out how organizations achieve high performance across strategic initiatives with hybrid delivery model.
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Boost innovation and achieve superior outcomes Increase efficiency and drive sustainable growth with hybrid project delivery. Customize your approach to each project’s needs.
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Built on the Now Platform® SPM includes AI-powered platform capabilities so you can plan, deliver, and track value across different methodologies. Transform your business with a single, unifying platform for the enterprise.
One platform to make work flow Now Platform is the single cloud application platform all ServiceNow products run on. Automate, simplify, and connect work across the enterprise to move your business forward. Explore Platform Watch Video
Intelligent automation Work smarter and make better business decisions.  Supercharge your workflows with machine learning and AI-powered experiences. Discover AI Get Infographic
Single data model Connect your digital products and trust your data. Use Configuration Management Database to eliminate information silos, with just one data source for your enterprise. Explore CMDB Read Ebook
Intelligent chatbot Answer questions, resolve common issues, and kick off workflows instantly with a virtual assistant. Discover Virtual Agent Explore Conversational AI
Security lives at the center of all we do Data security is critical to your business. The Now Platform arms you with the tools and processes you need to improve your security posture. We also help you adhere to regulatory compliance to keep sensitive data safe. Find Out How Get Ebook
Role-based apps for SPM Add continuous value to the business, no matter what hat you wear. Find ways to build agility for planning, use resources more efficiently, and improve collaboration across the organization.
CXO Gain the real-time, end-to-end visibility to understand business needs in the context of strategy. Get insight into the relationship between initiatives, investments, dependencies, and actual work to consistently align assets to strategic priorities and achieve successful business outcomes.
Heading Text * Strategic Planning Capture strategies and targets to fully understand if they are meeting strategic objectives. Performance Analytics Help to ensure that teams are focused on the highest-impact work to improve efficiency and staff productivity. Scenario Planning Compare scenarios for cost, benefit, strategic alignment, and resource allocation. Perform what-if analysis as strategy and priorities shift.
Director, portfolio management office Take charge of multiple organizational priorities for increased visibility and informed funding and resource alignment across the portfolio. Deliver superior outcomes based on data-driven business decisions. 
Heading Text * Process Mining View process performance across the portfolio to identify areas that would benefit from automation. Innovation Management Gather and manage all innovation ideas in one place. Prioritize new ideas to align with ongoing work. Demand Management Centralize strategic requests from the business to IT and automate the investment decision process.
Agile leader Steer your organization’s Agile transformation, identifying opportunities to improve business performance through greater agility and automation. Align Agile practices and processes to strategic priorities and consistently enable faster, more efficient business outcomes.
Heading Text * Agile Development Simplify execution so teams can deliver products and services faster. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Use Agile concepts to improve delivery of business outcomes and scale agility at the enterprise level. Process Mining Get deep insight into processes to uncover inefficiencies and remove roadblocks.
Project manager Strengthen the connection between the work your team does, leadership priorities, and organizational initiatives. Empower your team to deliver optimal value quickly and efficiently no matter how often things change.
Heading Text * Project Portfolio Management Manage and track timelines, budget, and resources from a single intuitive interface. Resource Management  Get a consolidated view of staff capacity and resource allocations for any task or need. Agile Development Deliver using the work methodology best suited to the team and project, whether it's Agile, traditional, or hybrid.
Choose a Package Get the tools you need most with the SPM package that meets your business needs and goals.  Get Pricing
Package options Choose from one of two Strategic Portfolio Management packages. Scroll down to see a sample of the apps and capabilities that make up each package.
Standard For businesses driving initiatives with traditional methods that align to strategy and goals. Project Portfolio Management Innovation Management Demand Management Resource Management Release Management Digital Portfolio Management Portfolio Planning Financial Planning Performance Analytics
Professional For businesses seeking to manage initiatives end-to-end, aligning them with strategy based on Agile or hybrid methods. Test Management Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Investment Funding Agile Development¹ Predictive Intelligence Virtual Agent Project Portfolio Management Innovation Management Demand Management Resource Management Release Management Digital Portfolio Management Portfolio Planning Financial Planning Performance Analytics
1  Available to license separately as part of the Agile Team package.
Discover the business value Use our interactive calculator to project the value your organization can achieve from a ServiceNow solution. Envision the solution’s impact and estimate potential savings you could realize for your company. Calculate Value
Accelerate time to value See how you can get SPM up and running faster with one of our ServiceNow Impact packages. Our experts and services help you innovate and achieve business outcomes quickly and boost team skills to meet the demands of today’s economic landscape. Reach ROI Fast
Read Guide Discover the 3 steps to drive strategic outcomes across the enterprise.  Watch Video Learn how Strategic Portfolio Management helps your business respond to rapidly changing customer needs. See Latest Release The Now Platform® connects people, functions, and systems across your business. Check out the latest apps and capabilities.
What the industry experts are saying Find out why we’re a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools. Get Report Discover Business Value
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