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Get answers to technology questions and more Deepen your understanding of new, emerging, and established technologies with these FAQ topics.
FAQs: Answers to common technology questions Customer Experience Employee Experience Hyperautomation & Low Code Operational Excellence Technology Excellence Value Acceleration
Customer experience Find quick answers on personalized service, resolving issues, and optimizing customer satisfaction.
Customer service management What are CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Surveys? What are customer service metrics? What is a chatbot? What is a contact center? What is a customer journey map? What is a customer journey? What is a customer portal? What is CRM? What is customer case management? What is customer experience (CX)? What is customer lifecycle management? What is customer loyalty? What is customer retention? What is customer satisfaction? What is customer service management (CSM)? What is customer service software? What is customer service? What is customer support? What is omnichannel? What is order management? What is self-service? What is NPS (Net Promoter Score)? What is customer onboarding? What is customer experience management (CXM)? What is customer analytics? What is call center management? What is a call center? What is order management?
Customer success What is customer success?
Field service management What are service technicians? What is a field technician? What is field service management (FSM)? What is IoT device management? What is preventive maintenance? What is service scheduling software? What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
Employee experience Our FAQs give insights into everything from fostering a positive culture to boosting productivity.
HR service delivery What is conflict resolution? What is an employee center? What are high-performance teams? What is a contingent worker? What is an employee journey? What is an intranet? What is employee engagement? What is employee experience? What is employee onboarding? What is employee relations? What is employee self service (ESS)? What is employee voice? What is HR analytics? What is HR case management? What is human capital management (HCM)? What is human resources management (HRM)? What is knowledge management (KM)? What is performance management?
Legal service delivery What is matter management?
Workplace service delivery What is a hybrid workforce? What is facilities management? What is IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System)? What is workforce optimization?
Hyperautomation and low code Get answers to FAQs on automation, low-code solutions, and app development efficiency strategies.
Creator workflows What is workflow automation? What is intelligent automation? What is process mining? What is workflow management? What are application services? What is a citizen developer? What is an activity diagram? What is an API integration? What is application development? What is bimodal IT? What is data integration? What is enterprise resource planning (ERP)? What is hyperautomation? What is intelligent document processing? What is low-code? What is mobile development? What is no-code development? What is platform as a service (PaaS)? What is rapid application development? What is robotic process automation (RPA)?
Operational excellence From risk management, strategic portfolio and business management, learn to optimize your operations.
Environmental, social, and governance management What is environmental, social and governance (ESG)?
Global business services What are global business services (GBS)?
Risk management How to create a business continuity plan? What are data governance frameworks? What is a business continuity plan? What is a risk management framework? What is an audit log? What is business resilience? What is compliance management? What is data privacy? What is GRC? What is internal continuous monitoring? What is IT governance? What is operational resilience? What is operational risk management? What is risk management? What is supply chain risk management? What is third party risk management (TPRM)? What is vendor management?
Strategic portfolio management What is product management? What is Kanban? What is a burndown chart? What is a Gantt chart? What is a key performance indicator (KPI)? What is a roadmap? What is a Scrum board? What is a work breakdown structure (WBS)? What is agile portfolio management? What is agile project management? What is agile testing? What is agile transformation? What is agile? What is an agile workflow? What is application performance monitoring? What is application portfolio management? What is business management software? What is digital transformation? What is enterprise management? What is hybrid project management? What is innovation management? What is IT automation? What is IT project management? What is organizational change management? What is project portfolio management (PPM)? What is resource management software? What is resource management? What is SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)? What is scenario planning? What is strategic portfolio management? What is the difference between agile vs. waterfall? What is value stream mapping (VSM)? What is operational excellence?
Technology excellence Explore answers to common questions and stay current with cybersecurity, cloud computing and more.
DevOps What are microservices? What is CI/CD pipeline? What is CI/CD? What is continuous development? What is continuous integration? What is DevOps? What is infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)? What is infrastructure-as-code (IaC)? What is the software development life cycle (SDLC)?
IT asset management What is a barcode inventory system? What is a perpetual license? What is a SaaS subscription? What is a software license? What is an end user license agreement (EULA)? What is enterprise asset management (EAM)? What is enterprise SaaS? What is FinOps? What is hardware asset management? What is inventory management? What is IT asset management (ITAM)? What is IT asset tracking? What is provisioning? What is SaaS license management? What is software asset management (SAM)? What is cloud cost optimization? What is cloud cost management? What is the IT asset lifecycle?
IT operations management What is a cloud service provider? What is a common service data model (CSDM)? What is a configuration management database (CMDB)? What is a firewall audit? What is a network operations center (NOC)? What is AIOps? What is anomaly detection? What is application dependency mapping? What is certificate management? What is cloud computing? What is cloud management? What is cloud orchestration? What is continuous delivery? What is IT infrastructure? What is IT operations (ITOps)? What is IT operations management (ITOM)? What is IT orchestration? What is log analytics? What is multi-cloud management? What is network discovery? What is observability? What is service mapping? What is site reliability engineering (SRE)?
IT service management What are IT solutions? What is a help desk? What is a service desk? What is a service level agreement (SLA)? What is an IT service catalog? What is an IT ticketing system? What is continuous improvement? What is incident management? What is information technology (IT)? What is issue tracking? What is IT change management? What is IT support? What is ITIL? What is ITSM? What is problem management? What is release management? What is service request management?
IT workflows What is IT management?
Security operations What is security information and event management (SIEM)? What is IoT Security? What is a security operations center (SOC)? What is AI for security? What is cloud security? What is DevSecOps? What is patch management? What is ransomware? What is security incident response (SIR)? What is security operations (SecOps)? What is SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response)? What is the CAIQ (Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire)? What is the Mitre Att&ck Framework? What is the three lines of defense model (3LoD)? What is vulnerability management?
Value acceleration Select from this curated list of FAQs to find answers to common questions about value acceleration.
Intelligent automation What is an integrated development environment (IDE)? What is automation? What is business process automation? What is business process management (BPM)? What is machine learning?
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