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FORMERLY CLOUD INSIGHTS Cloud Cost Management Improve cloud resources, manage costs, and reduce risk. Gain in-depth visibility into cloud consumption for SaaS, laaS, and PaaS, all in a single place. Watch Demo Get Data Sheet
Cloud Cost Management Overview 
One platform for enterprise automation Gain comprehensive visibility and control over cloud usage and expenses. Automate cloud tasks and run them from the Now Platform®, a single system of action for the enterprise. Get Solution Brief  Explore Platform
Featured apps and capabilities for Cloud Cost Management Cloud Cost Management groups key applications and capabilities into packages that can scale with you as your needs change. Cloud Cost Management Workspace Control cloud costs and track hybrid cloud spending, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, in one place. Asset Management Executive Dashboard Oversee and track success at an executive level for software, hardware, and cloud technology. Cloud Spend Analytics Generate cloud spend, trend, and forecast reports, and adjust to improve spending automatically. Cloud Compute Enhancement Scale instances up or down, use compute reserves, and adjust resource allocation to meet your needs. Cloud Storage Customization Size your storage based on need, reducing cost and waste. Cloud Database Optimization Enhance specific databases on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Cost Tag Categories Normalize tags in your environment to classify cloud resources and simplify cloud cost reporting. Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Mitigate software license compliance risk and lower costs across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Reservation plans Receive guidance and recommendations to drive down costs and utilization of reserved instances. Cloud Budgeting Monitor and create flexible budgets and accurately forecast cloud spending. License and Cloud Cost Simulator Estimate costs for moving licenses from on-premises to the cloud.
Do more with Cloud Cost Management Combine Cloud Cost Management with other products and apps to create a powerhouse technology platform. Get visibility into your spending on cloud services while maximizing your resources. Discover Solution
Explore further Dive into overview articles on a variety of topics related to Cloud Cost Management. Learn About ServiceNow See All Articles What is cloud computing? What is cloud security? What’s the difference between ServiceNow and Jira?
Benefits Get in-depth visibility into your spending on cloud services while maximizing your resources with Cloud Cost Management.
Gain predictable cloud spending Optimize your operations using platform native integration with service management remediation workflows. Identify the gaps and take immediate action. Watch Webinar
Consolidate IT and cloud management Automate workflows and manage cloud costs with system-driven cost-saving recommendations. Get Data Sheet
Reduce cloud costs Gain complete visibility into your total public cloud spend and take steps to prevent waste. Get Ebook
Manage multicloud budgets with accountability Create detailed weekly, monthly, and quarterly budgets. Perform show-backs and chargebacks, track your spending, and make informed decisions. Get Data Sheet
Minimize errors stemming from cloud tasks From provisioning to retirement, reduce manual processes by automating cloud tasks. Get White Paper
Built on the Now Platform Cloud Cost Management includes AI and other powerful platform capabilities so you can optimize resources, manage costs, and create seamless experiences. Empower your business with a single, unifying platform for the enterprise.
One platform to make work flow Now Platform® is the single cloud application platform all ServiceNow products run on. Automate, simplify, and connect work across the enterprise to move your business forward. Explore Platform Watch Video (1:28)
Actionable insights Get work done faster with AI-powered experiences. Give everyone in your organization the info they need to make smarter decisions and improve business processes. Explore Generative AI Watch Video (1:35)
Single data model Say goodbye to manual data inputs, redundancy, and siloed tasks. Eliminate information silos with one data source for your enterprise. Explore CMDB Get Ebook
Automated business processes Remove bottlenecks by automating manual processes with a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Create digital workflows with ease from start to finish. View Flow Designer Get Infographic
Security lives at the center of all we do Data security is critical to your business. The Now Platform arms you with the tools and processes you need to improve your security posture. We also help you adhere to regulatory compliance to keep sensitive data safe. Find Out How Get Ebook
Choose a package Get the tools you need most with the Cloud Cost Management package that meets your business needs and goals.
Package options Choose from one of the two Cloud Cost Management packages. Scroll down to see a sample of the apps and capabilities that make up each package. 
Cloud Cost Management Professional Cloud Cost Management Workspace Cloud Spend Analytics Cost Tag Categories
Cloud Cost Management Enterprise Cloud Cost Management Workspace Cloud Spend Analytics Cost Tag Categories Reservation Plans Cloud Budgeting License and Cloud Cost Simulator Asset Management Executive Dashboard Bring Your Own License (BYOL)
Discover the business value Use our interactive calculator to project the value your organization can achieve from a ServiceNow solution. Envision the solution’s impact and estimate potential savings you could realize for your company. Calculate Value Explore Platform
Accelerate time to value See how you can get Cloud Cost Management up and running faster with one of our ServiceNow Impact packages. Our experts and services help you achieve business outcomes fast, boost team skills, and innovate quickly to meet the demands of today’s economic landscape.  Reach ROI Fast
CTA Primary CTA Secondary  Get Infographic Find out the impact ServiceNow Cloud Cost Management can have on reducing costs and mitigating risk with enterprise-wide insights on software, hardware, and cloud expenses. Download Ebook Learn the best practices in cloud spend management and understand how optimizing your budget may be easier than you think. See Latest Release The Now Platform connects people, functions, and systems across your business. Check out the latest apps and capabilities.
Talk to an expert Connect with us to start optimizing cloud resources, managing costs, and reducing risk, all from a single platform. 
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