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ESG Management  Elevate your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program with simple data collection, on-demand progress monitoring, and automated reporting.  Get Data Sheet  Watch Video 
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Benefits of ESG Management Streamline data collection Aggregate and validate data automatically to enhance disclosure reliability and audit readiness. Simplify with automation Simplify your ESG data validation, visualization, and report writing. Monitor performance Evaluate progress against ESG goals, such as lowering greenhouse gas emissions and responsible sourcing. Manage ESG from a single system Create a source of truth for all ESG and sustainability topics, goals, metrics, and disclosures.
Features of ESG Management  Get Data Sheet Executive dashboard  See your full ESG picture, including metrics, goals, and disclosure status, in one place. Data collection  Collect, calculate, and view data on any ESG topic. Status checks  Track your ESG goal and target achievements more easily using a single source of truth.  Disclosure writing Blend audit-ready ESG data into narrative drafts with two-way dynamic updates.
Additional features Sustainable IT dashboard Build green IT momentum by managing energy, resources, and waste impact. ESG Content Accelerators Stay up to date with frameworks like GRI, SASB, TCFD and UN SDGs.
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