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Put AI to work for people
Bring AI to every corner of your business with the Now Platform. Empower your teams with AI today.
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Partner information
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AI built for action AI is only as powerful as the platform it’s built on. Experience a single platform that can harness your data and put it to work across your business at speed.
PUT AI TO WORK FOR AGENTS AI-powered tools help agents quickly solve issues by suggesting relevant tasks and content. AI for Agents
PUT AI TO WORK FOR CUSTOMERS Deliver answers and outcomes faster than ever with intelligent conversations and AI-powered experiences. AI for Customers
PUT AI TO WORK FOR DEVELOPERS Generate code and apps, increase output, and create faster on-ramps for new talent with AI tools. AI for Developers
PUT AI TO WORK FOR EMPLOYEES Boost employee excitement and productivity with self-service options and AI-powered experiences.
AI for Employees
Supporting apps and capabilities Our AI platform includes key supporting apps to help you work smarter and faster, predict issues, and make better business decisions. Generative AI Empower everyone with Now Assist and accelerate productivity across the enterprise.  Virtual Agent Resolve issues faster and scale your organization with intelligent chatbots. Performance Analytics Anticipate trends, prioritize resources, and continuously improve with real-time analytics. AI Search Provide personalized, relevant, actionable search results to employees and customers.   Task Intelligence Boost agent productivity with automated task creation, triage, and investigation. Predictive AIOps Predict and prevent service outages before they impact end users. Automation Discovery Find opportunities to automate workflows and processes with ServiceNow apps. Process Mining Improve outcomes by optimizing process flows to streamline work. KPI Composer Visually map organizational objectives and business outcomes to key performance indicators. Workforce Optimization Manage teams effectively with real-time visibility into agent scheduling and performance.
Unlock the potential of GenAI ServiceNow has infused generative AI (GenAI) experiences into every workflow on our platform. We call this Now Assist. With our products, powered by Now Assist, you can use GenAI to boost productivity and efficiency across your organization. Explore GenAI
See how others are putting AI to work with ServiceNow Learn how these businesses are using AI with ServiceNow to increase productivity, realize efficiencies, and foster innovation.
“Our collaboration to build super-specialized generative AI for enterprises will boost the capability and productivity of IT professionals worldwide using the ServiceNow platform.” Jensen Huang CEO, NVIDIA Read News
Want to stay ahead of the AI wave? We’ve got you covered. ​   Building enterprise AI governance Discover the importance of an AI governance plan and what to consider when building one. Read Article AI’s impact on the tech skills of tomorrow See how AI is changing not only our jobs but the skills we need to do them, and why this leads to new opportunities. Get Report Year 2 of the AI revolution: What to expect Hear from six enterprise AI thought leaders on the impact and potential of AI in the coming year. Reveal Trends
Watch an AI demo Ready to see AI in action? These demos show how AI works on the ServiceNow platform. Explore Demos
Frequently asked questions Expand All Collapse All What’s the difference between GenAI and AI?
Generative AI, also known as GenAI, is a type of artificial intelligence that creates realistic content by learning from existing data. GenAI can provide realistic and creative text, images, and other media to transform industries such as entertainment, marketing, and healthcare.
What is the future of generative AI?
Generative AI encompasses several types of content generation. These include: text generation, image generation, video and speech generation, and data augmentation. Producing text content requires a different approach than enhancing videos or creating realistic looking images. As such, each type of generative AI has its own unique characteristics and applications.
What is machine learning?
AI is a term that describes all forms of machine learning and intelligent automation, while generative AI is specifically focused on the creation of new content based on—but also capable of going beyond—the datasets it was provided with during its training phase. With the recent advent of widely available chat AIs, most AI interactions for the average user actually involve generative AI.
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