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Put AI to work for people
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Put generative AI to work with Now Assist ServiceNow helps employees, customers, agents, and developers work smarter with Now Assist, our out-of-the-box GenAI experiences. Watch Video (1:35) Get Infographic
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Unlock the potential of generative AI with Now Assist ServiceNow has infused GenAI capabilities into every workflow on the Now Platform®. We call this Now Assist. With our products, powered by Now Assist, you can use GenAI to boost productivity and efficiency across your organization. Now Assist for IT Service Management Accelerate IT team productivity with generative AI experiences. Watch Video (1:04) Get Data Sheet Now Assist for Customer Service Management Improve customer experiences and agent productivity with generative AI. Watch Video (0:50) Read Product Brief Now Assist for HR Service Delivery Resolve HR cases faster and more efficiently with generative AI. Watch Video (0:58) Learn More Now Assist for Creator Improve developer productivity with flow generation and intelligent recommendations for code. Watch Video (1:57) See Details Now Assist for Field Service Management Deliver faster, smarter field service experiences with generative AI. Watch Video (1:35) Now Assist for IT Operations Management Understand, remediate, and prevent issues quickly. Watch Video (1:34) Find More Info Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management Communicate business demands and product feedback clearly, efficiently, and effectively with generative AI. Watch Video (1:11) View Data Sheet
What you can do with Now Assist Empower everyone to deliver more value with GenAI on the Now Platform. Now Assist increases productivity by reducing manual work. It transforms experiences with personalization and natural human language, speeds time to value with intelligent code, and much more.
FOR AGENTS AND OPERATORS Summarization Reduce manual work for agents and operators, with overviews and insights to help them start work fast.
Conversational Exchanges
FOR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES Conversational exchanges Deflect cases, empower people, and deliver engaging, dynamic experiences with natural human language.
Content Creation
FOR AGENTS AND EMPLOYEES Content creation Generate content automatically, including knowledge articles, intelligent search results, and work notes.
Code and Flow Generation
FOR ADMINS AND DEVELOPERS Code and flow generation Boost developer and admin productivity with intelligent flow and code and app generation.
“Integrating generative AI capabilities into the Now Platform will revolutionize business models and workflows across every industry.” Gary Plotkin Digital Platforms Lead, KPMG
We put GenAI to work for you AI isn’t new to ServiceNow. We’ve been making workflows smarter for over 10 years. Today, GenAI is unlocking near limitless use cases for the Now Platform. AI at ServiceNow Learn about our AI research team, labs, and partnerships. Explore Research AI in the enterprise Hear from AI visionaries on how GenAI is supercharging productivity and enabling new ways of working. Browse Articles
News on generative AI MARCH 20, 2024 ServiceNow furthers GenAI leadership in latest release Now Assist enhancements and ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators boost productivity and advance value from AI investments. View Press Release MARCH 19, 2024 ServiceNow expands NVIDIA partnership Learn how ServiceNow is advancing enterprise-grade GenAI through the use of NVIDIA NIM inference microservices. View Press Release FEBRUARY 25, 2024 ServiceNow and NVIDIA expand GenAI partnership for telcos Customer care solution to run on the Now Platform, using NVIDIA AI, to elevate service and speed resolution. View Press Release JANUARY 24, 2024 ServiceNow and EY expand strategic alliance The extended alliance targets solutions for generative AI compliance, governance, and risk management. View Press Release
Frequently asked questions What is generative AI?
Generative AI, also known as GenAI, is a type of artificial intelligence that creates realistic content by learning from existing data. GenAI can provide realistic and creative text, images, and other media to transform industries such as entertainment, marketing, and healthcare.
What are the types of generative AI?
Generative AI encompasses several types of content generation. These include text generation, image generation, video and speech generation, and data augmentation. Producing text content requires a different approach than enhancing videos or creating realistic looking images. As such, each type of generative AI has its own unique characteristics and applications.
What’s the difference between GenAI and AI?
AI is a term that describes all forms of machine learning and intelligent automation, while generative AI is specifically focused on the creation of new content based on—but also capable of going beyond—the data sets it was provided with during its training phase. With the recent advent of widely available chat AIs, most AI interactions for the average user actually involve generative AI.
What is the future of generative AI?
Although generative AI has been around for decades, its recent rise in terms of capability and availability has been meteoric. As this technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate enhanced creativity and innovation across essentially every industry, allowing for more sophisticated and realistic outputs in content generation, design, music composition, visual arts, and more. Generative AI will also continue to drive personalization and customization, creating laser-focused recommendations, personalized experiences, and unique products designed to address individual customer needs.
What is machine learning?
Machine learning, a type of AI, uses a data analysis method that automates model building by gathering and interpreting large sets of data. Using machine learning solutions to build precise models empowers organizations to analyze extremely large, complex data sets, delivering faster, more accurate results at scale. With machine learning, businesses enjoy detailed insight into opportunities, risks, and customer needs.
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