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Sales and Order Management Launch products and services quickly. Connect front, middle, and back-office teams across sales and order lifecycles, and manage post-sale changes to grow revenue. Watch Demo Get Data Sheet
Sales and Order Management Overview
One platform for enterprise automation Automate the sales and order lifecycle with capabilities like product catalogs and a configurator. Define workflows that translate quotes directly to orders. Native intelligence comes from the Now Platform®, a single system of action for the enterprise. Get Infographic Explore Platform
Featured apps and capabilities for Sales and Order Management Sales and Order Management groups key applications and capabilities that can scale with you as your needs change.
Product Catalog Management Support complex products, bundles, and combined offerings for products and services.
Product Configurator Configure and price complex product and service offers quickly and accurately.
Pricing Management Support different pricing models, including one-time, recurring, account-based, multicurrency, and others.
Opportunity Management Identify customer needs and create opportunities as you manage the sales lifecycle.
Quote Management Build quotes, manage revisions, and automatically convert quotes to orders.
Order Management Connect the order lifecycle from capture to fulfillment, with effortless experiences.
Customer Lifecycle Workflows Enable commercial move, add, change, and disconnect (MACD) of sold products.
Customer Contracts and Entitlements Provide post-sales support for renewals and changes to customer contracts and entitlements.
Virtual Agent Resolve issues fast with an intelligent chatbot that understands simple, human language.
Do more with Sales and Order Management Combine Sales and Order Management with other products and apps to create a powerhouse customer experience platform. Reduce customer effort and improve your bottom line. Discover Solution Watch Video (1:30)
“With ServiceNow’s support, we’ve created a platform blueprint that we can rapidly replicate and scale to bring a wide range of new revenue streams to market.” Gary Sidhu VP Platform Applications, Secure Access Service Edge, Lumen See Case Study See All Case Studies
Explore further Dive into overview articles on a variety of topics related to Sales and Order Management. Learn About ServiceNow See All Articles
Benefits Grow revenue as you transform the lead-to-cash lifecycle with Sales and Order Management.
Launch new products and services quickly Speed time to market with an integrated, easily configurable commercial and technical catalog. Manage large order volumes and service complexity at scale. See Case Study Simplify Quoting
Shorten time to revenue Connect and automate siloed sales, quote, and order fulfillment processes on a single platform. Improve visibility across the entire opportunity-to-renewal lifecycle. Get Data Sheet
Improve customer experiences Empower your service teams to provide post-sales support for commercial changes to products, services, contracts, and entitlements. Give your customers a consistent experience across lead to cash. Find Out How Get Data Sheet
Built on the Now Platform® Sales and Order Management includes powerful platform capabilities so you can grow revenue as you modernize the order lifecycle from lead to cash. Transform your business with AI on a single, unifying platform for the enterprise.
One platform to make work flow Now Platform is the single cloud application platform all ServiceNow products run on. Automate, simplify, and connect work across the enterprise to move your business forward.  Explore Platform Watch Video (1:30)
Automated business processes Remove bottlenecks by automating manual processes with a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Sales and Order Management provides capabilities such as price calculation and automated order fulfillment to reduce cycle time and manual errors. Discover Flow Designer Get Infographic
Single data model Get full visibility into your sales and order environment and make better decisions. Bridge departmental silos across the lead-to-cash process with a single system of action. Find Out How Read White Paper
Actionable insights Give everyone in your organization the info they need to make smarter decisions and improve business processes. Native intelligence in the Now Platform enables AI-driven simplification and visibility across the lead-to-cash lifecycle. Explore AI Watch Video (2:00)
Security lives at the center of all we do Data security is critical to your business. The Now Platform arms you with the tools and processes you need to improve your security posture. We also help you adhere to regulatory compliance to keep sensitive data safe. Find Out How Get Ebook
Role-based apps for Sales and Order Management Add continuous value to the business no matter what role you fill. Grow revenue as you modernize the sales and order lifecycle from lead to cash.
VP of order fulfillment Speed order delivery with workflow-driven fulfillment. Automate order fulfillment across front, middle, and back-office teams, giving everyone a single view and 360º visibility into order processes end to end.
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Quote Management Control the quote lifecycle. Track quote revisions as customer needs or product configurations change.
Order Management Automate order capture and fulfillment through workflows with task creation, assignment, and lifecycle management.
Customer Lifecycle Workflows Empower sales and service agents to process commercial changes on purchased products and services via workflow.
Chief operating officer Connect and automate multiple siloed sales and order management processes to reduce operational costs and boost efficiency. Free your organization from relying on configure, price, and quote black-box solutions that aren’t extensible, flexible, or connected to order fulfillment systems.
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Opportunity Management Use post-opportunity workflows to boost operational efficiency.
Quote Management Configure and price quotes and convert to sales orders automatically.
Order Management Integrate seamlessly with sales and service. Provide workflows to boost on-time delivery and reduce errors.
VP of customer service Give your service agents one location to view and track customer needs. Empower them to quickly respond to post-sale requests for product and service changes and entitlement updates. Provide a consistent way to engage with customers.
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Quote Management Create and track quotes to meet customer post-sale needs.
Customer Lifecycle Workflows Make it simple for service agents to modify, suspend, resume, and disconnect purchased products and services.
Customer Contracts and Entitlements Enable agents to renew, change, or add contracts and entitlements. Track change requests automatically.
VP of sales operations Define and launch new products and services faster. Make it easier for sales teams to address the growing variability and complexity of product and service offerings. Meet customer needs throughout their buying journey.
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Opportunity Management Initiate and track opportunity activities including sales interactions, emails, tasks, and appointments.
Quote Management Configure and price quotes effortlessly for products with complex configuration and pricing.
Customer Lifecycle Workflows Give sales agents more cross-sell and upsell opportunities to generate higher revenue.
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Get Infographic Find out the impact unified sales and order management processes can have on your organization.
Download Ebook Learn how Sales and Order Management is your best path to optimize the lead-to-cash lifecycle and boost revenue.
See Latest Release The Now Platform® connects people, functions, and systems across your business. Check out the latest apps and capabilities.
Look who’s winning with ServiceNow See how other companies launch offerings quickly, increase revenue, and improve customer experiences. View All Stories KPN reduces order fallout rate to <1%, down from 7%. Read Story Kraft Heinz slashes the number of manual order touches and exceptions. Watch Video (2:27) Acronym fulfills orders 50% faster and enjoys a 60% increase in customer satisfaction scores. See Case Study ngena helps its telecommunications partners shorten time to revenue from months to weeks. Find Out How
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