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Third-Party Risk Management Take control of the third-party risk lifecycle, from onboarding to retirement. With Third-party Risk Management (TPRM), you can reduce risk as you build organizational resilience and compliance across the enterprise. View Demo (5:28) Get Data Sheet
TPRM Overview
One platform for enterprise automation Centralize the management of your third parties in one location and transform the vendor assessment process. Native intelligence from the Now Platform® breaks down silos and provides cross-functional visibility across your third-party ecosystem. Watch Video (2:08)  Explore Platform
Features of Third-party Risk Management Third-party Risk Management (TPRM) comprises key features that can scale with you as your needs change. Onboarding, offboarding, and renewals due diligence Perform due diligence and assessments at all relationship stages with automated built-in processes. Third-party portal Connect and collaborate with third parties in a single place for all risk management activities. Risk intelligence and ongoing monitoring Integrate targeted risk intelligence scores and ratings for insights and continuous monitoring. Concentration risk map Gain a comprehensive view of all third parties, engagements, and their associated risk postures. Third-party portfolio management Eliminate spreadsheets with a single database for third-party information. Third-party risk management workspace Help your team manage third-party performance and risk, all in one place. Issue management and remediation Automate issue generation, design remediation plans, and chat in real time to resolve issues fast. Aggregated risk scores Calculate scores throughout the hierarchy for an up-to-date, top-down, and bottom-up risk view. Load More
Do more with Third-party Risk Management Combine TPRM with other products and apps to create a powerhouse technology platform. Take control throughout every stage of the third-party risk lifecycle. Discover Solution 
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Benefits Take control throughout every stage of the risk lifecycle with Third-party Risk Management.
Strengthen risk mitigation Raise the bar on third-party quality by embedding risk practices into onboarding. Connect critical stakeholders, streamline procurement processes, and drive compliance to enable business continuity for a more resilient enterprise. Read Ebook
Increase visibility Maintain consistent oversight of third parties between assessments and remain continuously informed of changes that may impact the third-party portfolio. View the status of assessments, issues, and tasks across your third-party ecosystem. Watch Video (5:28)
Improve decision-making Identify emerging risks with help from assessments and continuous monitoring. Improve information quality to inform your decisions. Contextualize third-party risk by embedding risk practices into business workflows. Get Ebook
Built on the Now Platform® Third-party Risk Management includes AI and other powerful platform capabilities so you can break down silos and gain visibility across your third-party ecosystem. Transform your business with a single, unifying platform for the enterprise.
One platform to make work flow Now Platform is the single cloud application platform all ServiceNow products run on. Automate, simplify, and connect work across the enterprise to move your business forward. Explore Platform Watch Video (1:28)
Actionable insights Get work done faster with AI-powered experiences. Give everyone in your organization the insights they need to make smarter decisions and improve business processes. Explore Generative AI Watch Video (1:35)
Single data model Say goodbye to manual data inputs, redundancy, and siloed tasks. Eliminate information silos with one data source for your enterprise. Explore CMDB Get Ebook
Automated business processes Connect teams with end-to-end digital workflows. Remove bottlenecks by automating manual processes with a simple, drag-and-drop interface. View Flow Designer Get Infographic
Security lives at the center of all we do Data security is critical to your business. The Now Platform arms you with the tools and processes you need to improve your security posture. We also help you adhere to regulatory compliance to keep sensitive data safe. Find Out How Get Ebook
CTA Primary CTA Secondary Watch Video (2:08) Find out how TPRM transforms the error-prone, time-consuming process of assessing third-party risk. Get Ebook Monitor third-party risks and take immediate action when issues arise. Here’s a two-pronged approach to get you started. See Latest Release The Now Platform®  connects people, functions, and systems across your business. Check out the latest apps and capabilities.
What the industry experts are saying Discover how ServiceNow stacks up against other providers of third-party risk management platforms. Get Forrester Report Discover Business Value
Look who’s winning with ServiceNow See how other companies break down silos and improve visibility across their third-party ecosystem. View All Stories Uber digitizes risk to manage its complete policy lifecycle, with visibility into the regulatory horizon. Watch Video (5:04) Novartis reduces system complexity and streamlines third-party risk management processes. View Video (1:08)
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