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 IT Operations Management (ITOM) Gain visibility into your IT environment, on-premises to cloud, and see the impact of your applications on business services. Predict issues and automate resolutions with AI as you manage your operations through best-practice governance. Watch Demo Get Product Brief
ITOM Overview
One platform for enterprise automation See IT infrastructure in a business service context, minimize user impact, and speed remediation with predictive AIOps and automation in IT Operations Management. ITOM runs on the Now Platform®, an intelligent cloud foundation. Get Infographic Explore Platform
Featured apps and capabilities for IT Operations Management ITOM groups key applications and capabilities into packages that can scale with you as your needs change. Now Assist for ITOM Help operators triage alerts faster and more accurately with Generative AI. Discovery Get a holistic view of your operations footprint across on-premises data centers and cloud. Service Mapping Map the relationships between IT components and business services in dynamic environments. Certificate Management Discover, itemize, and proactively manage your TLS certificates. Firewall Audits and Reporting Track firewall policies and perform proactive audits on a single platform. Service Graph Connectors Use certified integration partners to keep third-party data consistent. Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Track the dependencies and relationships of supported IT services within a single system of action. Agent Client Collector Adopt and extend community monitoring checks to develop events and metrics. Event Management  Reduce event floods from monitoring tools and gain insight into business service health. Metric Intelligence Analyze your IT infrastructure proactively to spot service degradation and reduce outages.  Health Log Analytics Deliver uninterrupted digital services with real-time log data to solve problems quickly. Cloud Accelerate Four apps comprise Cloud Accelerate to help you prepare for cloud migration, streamline provisioning requests, and manage cloud resources.
Do more with IT Operations Management Unite on a single platform to deliver resilient digital services, extraordinary experiences, and increased productivity. Discover Solution
Put AI to work for people Empower your people with business-ready AI from ServiceNow. From the front office to the back office and all in between, our intelligent platform harnesses AI to put smart answers at your employees’ fingertips, letting you translate that intelligence into action. Explore AI
“Using ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM together is really powerful….It would be much more challenging if we were using tools from multiple vendors.” Dennis Piper Global Operations and Service Delivery Manager, Conagra Read Case Study See All Case Studies
Explore further Dive into overview articles on a variety of topics related to ITOM. Learn About ServiceNow See All Articles What is ITOM? What is AIOps? What is a configuration management database (CMDB)? What is service mapping? What is generative AI? What is multicloud management? What is a firewall audit? What is IT infrastructure? What is application dependency mapping? What is anomaly detection? What is a common service data model (CSDM)? What is the difference between ServiceNow and Jira?
Benefits Predict issues, prevent impact, and automate resolutions with IT Operations Management.
Predict issues Stop chasing false positives and identify anomalies with less guesswork. Analyze telemetry and log data using AI to reduce noise, predict issues, and automate resolution. Avoid Service Outages Explore AIOps
Discover your IT estate   Gain full visibility into your infrastructure, including on-premises, cloud, and serverless environments. Manage TLS certifications and firewall policies on a single platform. Find Out How  Build ITOM Knowledge 
Get business service context Create intuitive service maps with multiple options. Leverage machine learning for fast deployment. Visualize the impact of change for application services. Fix Problems Fast   Gain Service Visibility
Built on the Now Platform® ITOM includes AI-powered platform capabilities so you can share data from one system of action, use intelligent automation, and provide a modern, mobile interface. Transform your business with a single, unifying platform for digital business.
One platform to make work flow Now Platform is the single cloud application platform all ServiceNow products run on. Automate, simplify, and connect work across the enterprise to move your business forward.  Explore Platform Watch Video
Single data model Say goodbye to manual data inputs, redundancy, and siloed tasks. Eliminate information silos with one data source for your enterprise. Explore CMDB Get Ebook
Intelligent automation Work smarter and make better business decisions. Supercharge your workflows with machine learning and AI-powered experiences. Explore AI Watch Video
Modern mobile experiences Deliver AI-powered technology experiences your operations and services teams will love. Keep users informed and engaged anytime, anywhere with intuitive mobile apps. Explore Now Mobile Get White Paper
Security lives at the center of all we do Data security is critical to your business. The Now Platform arms you with the tools and processes you need to improve your security posture. We also help you adhere to regulatory compliance to keep sensitive data safe. Find Out How Get Ebook
Role-based apps for ITOM Add continuous value to the business, no matter what hat you wear. Find operational efficiencies and help resolve issues before they impact users.
IT leader Drive digital transformation and modernize IT operations. Empower IT ops teams to minimize risk of outages, maximize investments, and improve efficiency across the entire organization. See Digital Future Calculate ITOM Value
Heading Text * Health Log Analytics Improve resilience and eliminate outages by identifying and resolving anomalies before end users are impacted. Discovery Unify teams and drive compliance across IT functions with comprehensive visibility into the entire infrastructure. Service Mapping Gain control with service-aware operations and reduce the risk of change impacting business services.
Operations manager Keep business services running 24/7, with complete visibility into the relationships between your applications, IT components, and cloud services. Understand business service context, reduce event noise, and identify anomalies quickly. See More and Do More Bust IT Silos
Heading Text * Health Log Analytics Identify issues quickly with anomaly detection. Shorten mean time to repair (MTTR) with automated remediation. Discovery Eliminate discovery gaps and reduce inconsistency for hybrid and multicloud deployments. Service Mapping Reduce the manual time and cost to map services for business context and prioritization.
 Platform owner Maximize ServiceNow platform business value by identifying opportunities to extend and accelerate digital transformation. Partner with upper management and business lines to optimize process efficiency companywide. Automate Visibility Build CMDB Intelligence
Heading Text * Configuration Management Database Track the dependencies and relationships of supported IT services within a single system of action. ServiceNow Mobile Apps Empower teams to work anywhere with intuitive interfaces, proactive notifications, and suggested remediations. Automation Discovery Identify opportunities to automate workflows and processes with ServiceNow apps.
Service agent  Work hand in hand with IT operators to reduce the number and severity of incidents. Minimize user impact and resolve issues faster, enabled by intelligent guidance. Bust IT Silos
Heading Text * Service Operations Workspace Predict, prevent, and resolve incidents proactively from a single workspace before services are impacted. Discovery Find affected configuration items quickly without requesting help from operations teams. Service Mapping Understand the business context and quickly identify how a single change can affect multiple services.
Choose a package Get the tools you need most with the ITOM package that meets your business needs and goals.  Get Pricing
Package options Choose from one of three ITOM packages. Scroll down to see a sample of the apps and capabilities that make up each package. 
 ITOM Visibility Build a consistent foundation with a single system of action across your IT estate. Discovery Service Mapping Certificate Management Firewall Audit Service Graph Connectors CMDB Agent Client Collector
ITOM Professional Focus on business-impacting projects by reducing noise and shortening MTTR. Event Management Metric Intelligence Discovery Service Mapping Certificate Management Firewall Audits and Reporting Service Graph Connectors CMDB Agent Client Collector
ITOM AIOps Enterprise Move from reactive to proactive with built-in anomaly detection and automated remediation. Health Log Analytics Cloud Accelerate Event Management Metric Intelligence Discovery Service Mapping Certificate Management Firewall Audits and Reporting Service Graph Connectors CMDB Agent Client Collector
Discover the business value Use our interactive calculator to project the value your organization can achieve from a ServiceNow solution. Envision the solution’s impact and estimate potential savings you could realize for your company. Calculate Value Explore Platform
Accelerate time to value See how you can get ITOM up and running faster with one of our ServiceNow Impact packages. Our experts and services help you achieve business outcomes fast, boost team skills, and innovate quickly to meet the demands of today’s economic landscape. Reach ROI Fast
CTA Primary CTA Secondary Get Ebook Find out how delivering stellar IT services starts with the automated infrastructure visibility of ITOM. Read White Paper Explore the transformative role predictive AIOps can have in your IT service operations. See Latest Release The Now Platform connects people, functions, and systems across your business. Check out the latest apps and capabilities.
What the industry experts are saying See how ServiceNow stacks up against other providers of process-centric AI for IT operations (AIOps). Get Report Discover Business Value
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