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We make workflows smarter

The ServiceNow Research team does both fundamental and applied research to futureproof AI-powered experiences for all users of the Now Platform®. We make workflows smarter, AI workloads more efficient, and are committed to making socially responsible contributions to the AI community. Our innovation is centered on people: helping customers modernize their technology architecture, innovating new business models, improving experiences at work, and driving higher ROI from their technology investments.

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Leadership Team

The ServiceNow Research leadership team provides guidance and support for our research teams.

Avatar of Yoshua Bengio

Yoshua Bengio

Research Advisor

Avatar of Chris Manning

Chris Manning

Research Advisor

Avatar of Christopher Pal

Christopher Pal

Distinguished Scientist

Avatar of Stefano Ermon

Stefano Ermon

Research Advisor

Avatar of Nicolas Chapados

Nicolas Chapados

VP of Research

Avatar of Denis Therien

Denis Therien

VP of Research Partnerships

Avatar of Valérie Bécaert

Valérie Bécaert

Sr Director of Research

Avatar of David Vazquez

David Vazquez

Director of Research Programs

We believe AI should be built responsibly

AI should be trustable and governed without compromise to fairness, ethics, accountability, and transparency.

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We believe AI should be built responsibly

We futureproof AI for all users

In equal measure, we innovate, research, experiment, and de-risk AI technologies to create compelling user experiences of the future and enable the last mile of enterprise digital transformation.

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We futureproof AI for all users

Research Programs

ServiceNow Research Programs future-proof our AI in a rapidly advancing landscape.

Conversational Assistant

Conversational AI Assistants will improve productivity of knowledge workers in all industries. For ServiceNow this means delighted end-users, more productive instance admins, more empowered citizen developers. The Conversational Assistant program trailblazes the conversion of LLMs into competent and reliable assistants. We research and prototype trustworthy assistants that help you achieve your goals with the most appropriate tools.

Human Decision Support

Constant change is typical in everyday business. Many decisions are time-sensitive. Effective decision-making is what puts market leaders ahead. ServiceNow’s Human Decision Support research strives to push the boundaries of core AI capabilities, such as causality, forecasting, and planning, so ServiceNow users can make the right decisions at the right time.

Multimodal Foundation Models

The Multimodal Foundation Models program pioneers the integration of diverse data sources—text, images, tabular data, graphs, and beyond. This research initiative aims to break new ground, creating foundational models that transcend traditional boundaries. Unlock unprecedented insights and capabilities, as we explore the interconnected nature of information to revolutionize AI solutions for various challenges.

Research Labs

ServiceNow Labs study a dimension of AI aligned with the future needs of ServiceNow’s commercial offerings.

Emerging Capabilities Lab

AI has the potential to accelerate digital transformation across many industries, including financial services, telecoms, manufacturing, healthcare, and government. Our Emerging Technologies Lab aims to find, validate and drive the adoption of enterprise AI technologies that could improve the ways people work – moving research from lab to customer impact.

AI Trust and Governance Lab

The AI Trust and Governance Lab guides ServiceNow and its customers in their AI strategy and deployment via governance frameworks and applied research in trustworthiness.

Now Foundation Models Lab

The main goal of this lab is to advance the responsible development of general-purpose AI models, particularly Large Language Models. The lab takes the lead in open-science and open-governance initiatives, such as BigCode, in which it develops large language models from scratch, conducts cutting-edge research on them, and establishes responsible data governance practices for them.

We make the world work better for everyone, together

Research partnerships across industry and academia support the global development of knowledge in AI and ensure that our contributions to ServiceNow are rooted in the most innovative approaches applicable to Enterprise AI.

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We make the world work better for everyone, together
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We are delighted to share our latest Open-Source projects, code, tools, and datasets.

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