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Put AI to work for people
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A retail salesperson smiling while handing a shopping bag to a customer.

Reimagine the retail experience

Build more connected and streamlined retail operations and empower employees to efficiently create exceptional customer experiences.

Turn disruption into your competitive advantage.

You face high expectations and disruptions. We connect information from stores to suppliers so you can solve issues, personalize shopping, and streamline operations.

Gain efficiency through one platform

Drive meaningful change by accelerating retail’s digital transformation.

Intelligent retail operations

Get more out of in-store technology, optimize store layouts, and keep locations in brand alignment.

Customer service excellence

Build customer loyalty through seamless support, end-to-end services, and fast issue resolution.

Centralized franchise support

Make it easier to manage a global franchisee network through a single portal and automated workflows.

Don’t just take our word for it

Elimination of manual processes

Amplifon moved its IT service management onto a single global platform that’s flexible and expandable.

Featured resources


Keep up with changing consumer needs

Find out how retailers can thrive in the “next new normal” as consumer demands change—again.


Foster great experiences through stability and growth

Hear how a retail CEO worked to thoughtfully and safely reopen more than 100 retail locations.


Accelerate digital transformation to drive change

Connect disjointed systems to become more responsive to changes, threats, and opportunities.


Discover a smarter way to workflow in retail

Learn how to take action—and capitalize on retail’s unique industry opportunities.


Mobilize employee services across all your locations

See how a major U.S. retailer now provides employees with the right services, when they need it.


Respond to security vulnerabilities faster

Learn how retailers can greatly reduce the risk of being breached by improving response processes.


Sprint toward the new normal

Find out how retailers are transforming their business models over the next three years.


Become more resilient, efficient, and convenient

Improve operations and maximize your ROI without losing focus on safe and easy retail experiences.

Illustration of a retail customer waiting outside store.

Get in touch with pros and peers

Connect with experts at ServiceNow and other champions in retail to discuss industry challenges and how to partner with us to unlock your potential.