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Put AI to work for people
Put AI to work for people
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Partner information
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Accelerate cloud transformation and enablement Unlock the cloud’s full potential by modernizing applications, scaling processes, and operating cloud services with resiliency. Watch Video (2:03) Read Ebook
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Business Objectives
Plan Application Modernization
Drive innovation and maximize the value of cloud investments Gain visibility across your entire application portfolio. Evaluate applications for migration and implement proper cost controls.
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Scale Cloud Processes
Automate cloud processes to scale adoption Deliver process innovations and gain complete visibility in the cloud. Automate requests, changes, and cost management workflows to drive efficiency.
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Operate Cloud Services
Achieve self-healing operations across the cloud Increase resiliency and accuracy in cloud and cloud-native environments. Unite AIOps, observability, security, and cost controls on a single platform.
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Transform IT: Innovate, migrate to the cloud, be audit-ready Accelerate IT transformation and quickly migrate to cloud-based services. Correctly assess and respond to cloud security risks to safely innovate.
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Featured products Application Portfolio Management Align your apps with business strategy. Reduce risk and lower costs while accelerating cloud adoption.  Learn More IT Asset Management Automate the software, hardware, and cloud asset lifecycle to cut costs and risk. Learn More IT Operations Management Use AIOps, insights, and automation to predict issues and streamline resolutions. Learn More ServiceNow Cloud Observability Gain insights to detect and respond to changes in cloud-native applications. Navigate easily from effect to cause.  Learn More
KeyBank harnesses data for evidence-based decision making Key Bank relies on data-driven technology in the cloud along with AI and machine learning to efficiently manage change. Read Story
ServiceNow adopts AIOps to transform IT operations See how ServiceNow is using AIOps to gain agility and intelligently deliver great experiences for our employees. Read Story
Open House targets one trillion in sales Learn how Japanese real estate agency, Open House, manages more than 240 internal systems with ServiceNow. Read Story
Novant Health unlocks the limitless potential of people Learn how Novant Health empowered citizen developers to create apps and contribute to digital transformation throughout the organization. Read Story View Demo
The AI platform for business transformation Put AI to work today with a trusted AI and data platform, purpose built for work, and actionable in every corner of your business.  Explore AI Generative AI Turn on pre-built AI with Now Assist for agents, employees, customers, and developers. Intelligent chatbot Answer questions, resolve common issues, and kick off workflows instantly with a virtual assistant.
Process mining Enable fast, data-driven improvements with process mining.
Now Platform Deploy AI built directly into a single, trusted enterprise platform. 
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