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Put AI to work for people
Put AI to work for people
Bring AI to every corner of your business with the Now Platform. Empower your teams with AI today.
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Partner information
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Reinvent the employee experience for moments big and small Supercharge employee productivity and satisfaction with AI-driven self-service across any journey. Foster career growth and smarter talent decisions to spur growth.  Watch Video (1:46) Read Ebook
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Featured products Achieve your strategic business goals with offerings from the ServiceNow portfolio. HR Service Delivery Deliver the right experience to employees anywhere. Improve productivity by streamlining the employee service experience with AI-guided, intelligent workflows.  Learn More Talent Development Identify and address emerging talent needs. Use AI-driven skills intelligence to grow and develop your people. Learn More App Engine Empower developers and builders of all skill levels to create low-code workflow apps fast. Learn More Automation Engine Automate and connect anything to ServiceNow with a unified approach to hyperautomation.  Learn More
Siemens improves experiences and saves 1M hours See how Siemens simplified its’ GBS experience and saved 1M hours of productivity with a modern interaction layer built on ServiceNow.  Read Story  Watch Video
Lowes puts HR experience at the heart of operations Learn how this home improvement giant created a simple, more efficient HR experience using a single, employee portal. Read Story Watch Video
Reinvention and growth drive the world's biggest bread maker Discover how Grupo Bimbo transformed its associates' experience with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. Read Story  Watch Video
Raleigh, NC builds a people-focused smart city Learn how the city of Raleigh, NC leveraged ServiceNow to connect its people, processes, and systems. See how it now provides better government services.  
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Shiseido unifies IT services and digitizes HR processes Learn how Shiseido improved operational efficiency and the employee experience with ServiceNow.  Read Story
The AI platform for business transformation Put AI to work today with a trusted AI and data platform, purpose built for work, and actionable in every corner of your business.  Explore AI Generative AI Turn on pre-built AI with Now Assist for agents, employees, customers, and developers. Intelligent chatbot Answer questions, resolve common issues, and kick off workflows instantly with a virtual assistant.
Process mining Enable fast, data-driven improvements with process mining.
Now Platform Deploy AI built directly into a single, trusted enterprise platform. 
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