Where You Should Source Sex Information from

The expression; sources of sex information implies those persons, books, place or thing that supplies facts on sexuality. Young people are often very inquisitive about the world, life and everything really. Matters concerning sex is a matter of great interest to all young people especially adolescents. When young people start to observe changes in their own bodies and in their friends, they have many questions. They desire to learn more about what they are passing through. One would go a long way to research and find information about sex to satisfy the many questions on their young minds. This results in reliance on multiple sources of information about sex. The most common sources of sex information young people look to are friends, radio, television, sex partner, siblings, relatives, magazines, books and health workers and parents. Research shows that young people would rather ask their friends than parents.


Can Every Source of Sex Information Be Trusted?

It is important to note that all the various sources of sex information are not reliable. Factly, some can be a very bad influence. This is because different sources of information often disseminate different messages about sex. There is an old Latin saying that ‘one cannot give what she/he does not have’ (nemo dat non quad habet). If your friends have the wrong information and you let them educate you, you lose. What is disturbing about where young people source sex information is that these sources may differentially influence their sexual beliefs and behaviours.


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Sex Information Sources: SCORECARD!

Here is an attempt to rank the various sources of sex information based on preference by young people. Some sources are more reliable than others and these too are reflected.

SN Source Issues


  • Parents are usually very experienced people and have passed through whatever you are passing through.
  • Parents are often busy and may not listen adequately to the concerns of the young person.
  • Parents are not likely to intentionally teach wrong information to their children.
  • Parents are great sources of sex information and should be approached by young people in times of confusion.

School counsellors and Health Workers

  • School counsellors are trained professionals whose careers prepare them to address concerns by young people.
  • They keep all your information confidential and so are reliable.


  • Friends even if they are older, are also confused as most young people are concerning sex.
  • They are not good sources of sex information since they may have learnt from a wrong source.


  • There are very good books that can answer questions young people may have about sex but it is often best for parents or counsellors to recommend them.
  • Such books are available in school libraries.


  • The internet is not a good source of information about sex. This is because there may not be any age-specific filters for materials uploaded.
  • Information available on the internet is not regarded as either reliable or true.

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Parents and teachers should realize the information needs of young people and often seek to give the needed time. The adults should not assume that they are too young to understand. On the other hand, young people should not be afraid to approach adults, they are always willing to assist.

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