Learned is an educational project of SEVICS targeting to provide concise and relevant information to young people in Africa through 2 main strategies. First, is to provide free learning from various spheres of life including health, personal development, leadership, and community building. Second, is to create platforms for young people to express themselves in ways that they are comfortable with. This project cuts across the education and empowerment components of SEVICS work. See the official Learned Channel here.

At SEVICS we believe that a lot of information that can empower people to become the best of what they can be is overrated. Our philosophy goes with the popular saying that where there is a will, there is a way. Current day reality in Nigeria is that there is a lot of will, but the way is elusive. Targets for this action are young people who wish to change their lives. They possess the will but cannot see a way. What we know is that there is not one way but several, except that people often fail to recognize them. LearnED will open the minds of the youth to see ways through which they can succeed in achieving their best potentials. See the official Learned Channel here.

Young people are very opinionated but they lack the platform to speak out. Ours is to create a stage on which every young person is a superstar. Rants, spoken words, music, stories, and jokes are permissible on our stage, only on the condition that they inspire other young people. Our goal is to engage the youth one institution at a time and help them canvas for positive change in their immediate environment. See the official Learned Channel here.