True or False: A million Canadian Visas for Nigerians?

Just in case you saw the news about how the Canadian Prime Minister is begging the Nigerian President to let a million Nigerians migrate to Canada. It’s fake news. There will be no issuance of a million Canadian Visas to random folks. The Canadian High Commission in Nigeria took to their Twitter page to warn Nigerians. The ‘too good to be true’ news is only a creation’s of some person’s imagination.

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Innocent Nigerians who are interested in immigrating must be on the watch now. Visas and Permanent Residency of any country are got through a process and it is often not just bequeathed to people at random. So that information is false!!!

For correct information about Immigration to Canada, Click here.

Michael Ukwuma

Michael Ukwuma

Michael is a Project Manager with years of experience in nonprofits and managing startups. He shares what he has learnt over time with like-minded persons. He gives classes to persons who plan a future in the nonprofits sector or as entrepreneurs.

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