About Top 100 Creators

Top 100 Creators is an initiative of SEVICS and creates a platform for young creatives to express their creativity freely while accessing the right mentorship opportunities to enable them to have a competitive edge over their competitions within and outside Nigeria. The group has members who create a diverse range of contents including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Creative Writing and Storytelling
  • Podcasting
  • YouTube

Who can Join this group?

Anyone can become a member, however the intention to become content creators must be clear.While some of our creators are experts, others are just beginning. Factly, we leverage on the experience of the experts in the group to groom those who are starting off.


How Can I join the 100 Creators?

This is easy. Simply get in touch by messaging us on our WhatsApp account. To join us or send a message, click here.

Audio Content


Playsafe Club Podcast

shares information about sex and sexual health. It targets young people and aims to help them make excellent decisions about sex and life.

Expressions with Omozele

created on the foundation of positivity and all about self-improvement. True thoughts and views are expressed and shared to you on everything and anything so get ready for an amazing and impactful experience.

Peakie You Podcast

shares stories about personal development, career, leadership and the workplace.

Random Intellectuals

talks on a variety of everyday issues in society mainly politics. It hosts a panel of young intellectuals.

Candid Expressions

aims at tackling emotional issues, career-related issues and other personal issues people deal with daily.

the orange journal

A podcast series that discusses politics, history, geography, culture, and lots more.

Dear Podcast with Labs

a podcast series where everything from mental health, Food, Love, Education, and Family even wrestling are discussed.

Talks With Valerian

a podcast series on sensitive issues and happening around Nigeria as a country and the world at large.

Mysteries and Crime

reports on true crimes that have been solved and mysteries that elude explanation.

a podcast Where Bibi tells all you need to hear even when its uncomfortable, weird and everything in between.


a podcast about everything that makes humans who they are, behaviours and reactions towards our environment, people and our society.


Video content


Egwu Onwa

African Childhood Games



Soma Edeh

a lifestyle, beauty and vlog channel,

Michael Ukwuma

innovative, practical, and useful information that will help you to succeed in your chosen career.



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video editing apps, photo editing apps and app analysis


Written content

Bloggers and Storywriters

Music Blog

Playsafe Club
Play Safe Club Blog

SexED Blog


Marriage, Relationships & Lifestyle