About Top 100 Creators

Top 100 Creators is an initiative of SEVICS and creates a platform for young creatives to express their creativity freely while accessing the right mentorship opportunities to enable them to have a competitive edge over their competitions within and outside Nigeria. The group has members who create a diverse range of contents including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Creative Writing and Storytelling
  • Podcasting
  • YouTube

Who can Join this group?

Anyone can become a member, however the intention to become content creators must be clear.While some of our creators are experts, others are just beginning. Factly, we leverage on the experience of the experts in the group to groom those who are starting off.


How Can I join the 100 Creators?

This is easy. Simply get in touch by messaging us on our WhatsApp account. To join us or send a message, click here.



YouTube Channels

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PlaySafe Club Podcast