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The Leadership Institute | New Project Alert

Every generation needs leaders to take them into the next age. These leaders were women and men who saw the future and brought it to the present. Some of them came from humble beginnings, others had royal blood in them but the common denominator amongst all of them was that they shaped humanity and paved paths others walk in even today. Their voice is still heard long after they have gone.

A leader is not only a person who commands legislative authority over a group of people. Today, a leader is more. They are social media influencers, thought leaders, experts in various fields, community mobilisers, social activists, leaders of civil organizations, business executives, teachers, religious leaders, parents, coaches, heads of academic institutions, anyone who has some influence over a group of people.

In a bid to contribute its quota to building capable leaders for the future, SEVICS has put together a whole program to train young leaders and raise people who will see tomorrow and bring it closer to us. Leadership is a much-needed skill in our world today. It is a combination of character and personal skills. If we must solve many of the world’s problem today, we must have leaders who are ready to take the bull by the horn and do whatever it takes, making the right decisions, even when they are difficult, solve daunting challenges, and deliver to their people. We must have people who are ready to step out of the line and making positive changes in the lives of people and the environment. 

The Leadership Institute is a program lasting eight weeks geared towards students in secondary schools and higher institutions. Its aim is to train students to recognize their leadership potentials and take intentional steps to make an impact in their society. The course is filled with information and backed with group activities every week. In addition, participants are expected to be involved in a project at the end of the course. At SEVICS, we believe that leadership is more of actions than words, about making positive changes in the lives of people and the environment through policymaking and implementation. The course treats issues such as conflict and ways to resolve it, financial transparency and management, and policymaking.

You should plan to register your school or group to participate in this program. The Program is available for a small fee. Schools or organizations can contact SEVICS by mail or phone to get started.

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