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10 things young professionals should never publish on Social media

Social media is a great tool for young professionals to grow their influence and even land that great job. Young professionals especially feel that they are close to that one opportunity that would make them influential. But that never happens for most people. However, it is often difficult to create a personality that people can love and respect deeply and this is often linked to what they do on social media. Here are some top 10 things you should never do on social media if you want to build that fascinating career.


1. Complaining about your work and colleagues

Official SEVICS website goose-4125922_1920 10 things young professionals should never publish on Social media Personal Development  workplace SEVICS personal development learnED conduct career advice career  Your boss would probably take on another job if it was offered her/him. So, if you think that you need a change of jobs, you may not be alone. Everyone wants better pay and higher incomes. It is a well-known fact that most people are unsatisfied with their current jobs but people who admit this may be unable to get a new job or even keep the one they have complained about. Never badmouth your boss or organization on social media.


2. Too generous with information

Young professionals must learn how to draw a clear line between their personal lives and all their social media lives. Sharing too much information includes posting about a personal event like a party you were in, a hangover or nudes. It is not a good idea to share information about your plans, future travels and schedules. Stuff like your home address, phone number and other personal info could make you vulnerable to stalking, attacks or even worse. 

Information from work should be considered sacred and only shared with the full knowledge of your supervisors. While most people do not work in the Secret Service, a lot of our experiences in the workplace could be considered confidential. People who grow rapidly in their careers learn to control what they share and with whom.


3. Keeping up with the negativity

Life is tough and while most people want to see things change for good, it is not a good practice to keep sharing only negative information on social media. The reason we like influencers is because of the positive messages they share. If you make more negative posts all the time, people just think that you are a whiner and this will not help your professional career either.


4. Leading or contributing to Controversy online

There are a thousand and one things that people argue about online. The most prominent among these are religion, culture, politics and values. Young professional must embrace universal values that respect diversity and common interests. Hence, any ideas you may have that promote discord between persons should be kept away from your timeline. The key reason is that the aim of every young professional is to become a global brand. This implies that your future clients and colleagues are people from various backgrounds, cultures, nationality and religions. You don’t want them thinking that you perceive them poorly and have misconstrued ideologies about them. It is best to stay clear of any controversies online.

Official SEVICS website sculpture-1225487_1920 10 things young professionals should never publish on Social media Personal Development  workplace SEVICS personal development learnED conduct career advice career


5. Seeking the attention of Influencers aggressively

On such platforms as Linkedin, it is easy to locate top CEOs and people who have accomplished great things in their field of work. It is often experienced that young professionals send personal messages in the hopes of getting a job. Seek to know the person first, then build up the conversation. If they like you, they will make an offer. Sincerely, there are a thousand messages to respond to when you are an influencer and one way to know which ones to skip is when an unfamiliar person wants a job. Recruitment often has a procedure; every professional must respect that. If you have been in an interview, do not make contact with your interviewer on social media. There is a thin line between unsolicited personal messages and cyberbullying. Some professionals go on to call these influencers out on social media for not responding to these unsolicited messages. Please, never do that!


6. Illegal Actions

It may be in your best interest to stay crime free at all times. Our past histories will always resurface sometime in the future to mess with us. An example is the story of Judge Bret Kavanaugh. At the peak of his career, a story from his past came back to life. We know he is not guilty! (Think about this, if innocents can be accused, what about the guilty?) The point is that if you keep a clean slate, there wont be much to worry about. Please if you ever did a thing that would get you in trouble, even if it’s a minor offence that only attracts a warning; never post to brag about it or defend it.


7. Posting actively during Work hours

For the sake of both current and future jobs, do not make frequent social media posts at a time you are supposed to be working. Every post has a timestamp and this can help future recruiters or even your current employers to know if you have been making the best use of their time.


8. Being a Social Media Ghost

Social Media Ghosts have no internet presence at all. If you did not show up on a google search of your name, then you may have a problem. To grow your career in today’s world, a young professional must grow their internet presence. Do not forget that social media is the new CV.

Official SEVICS website death-164761_1280 10 things young professionals should never publish on Social media Personal Development  workplace SEVICS personal development learnED conduct career advice career


9. Using inappropriate language

Young professionals must show leadership in how they communicate and what they communicate. The grammar is still important and every written expression must use the best professional language. Mind the slangs and lingos. They may not support the future career that you want to build.


10. Keeping an untidy and incomplete profile

Social media (Linkedin) is the new Curriculum Vitae and many employers now choose to review Social Media Profiles rather that look at actual CVs. They want to see how much you engage with the online community. Therefore, your profile must be up to date at all time. Every new accomplishment must be reported. It helps if you have recommendations from influencers with whom you have worked.

Those are the ten (10) things young professionals must avoid on social media. What do you think about them? Did you find the post useful? Please leave a comment and show some leadership on social media by sharing this useful article with your networks.

#freenairamarley – Why Cyber Crime trends in Nigeria

Nigeria loses 127 billion Naira to cybercrime yearly, which is 0.8 per cent of the country’s GDP. Cybercrime has become a bane in the economy and society at large. There are a host of cybercrimes being perpetrated by Nigerians but the most popular is the 419/Internet fraud which is commonly known as Yahoo Yahoo in our Nigerian parlance. It has been on the increase lately.

Some youth have without denial taken it as their full-time job and have crafted reasons to make it justifiable. How sad! Can there ever be any justifiable reason for indulging in Yahoo Yahoo? Recently, this was a trending topic on social media and to my surprise, a number of young people gave reasons why it is justifiable; from lack of employment to poverty, bad economy, peer pressure and as a means of survival. These attempts to justify crime shows that it is no longer a big deal and as a people, we have accepted it as part of the very fabric of our society.

The reason people indulge in Yahoo Yahoo;

Greed! Jonathan Gash said Fraud is the daughter of greed. Young people trying to outdo each other, amassing luxuries and liabilities all in the name of showing off and keeping up with appearances. Thus, the get rich quick syndrome has eaten deep into the minds of most youth that they find legitimate ways of making money uninteresting. They have refused to go through the growth process and want to arrive even before they start leaping. Despite the efforts of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to curb this menace, it keeps growing and we have the anonymity nature of the internet to thank.

These actions, to whose detriment?

Every Nigerian! Around the world, Nigerians are seen as suspects, investors don’t feel safe with us, to mention a few. Moreover, these negative effects have caused colossal reputational damage to Nigeria as a country. Sincere citizens will have to work twice as hard to prove that they are different. Currently, Nigeria at the moment ranks 144 out of 180 on Transparency International corruption perception index. How long are we going to continue to destroy a nation that is standing on one leg?

At the moment, Naira Marley, a Nigerian artist is being prosecuted by the EFCC for internet fraud after he openly showed support for yahoo yahoo. He asked Nigerians to pray for them rather than condemn them. And to think that some youth are out on the streets with placards protesting for his release with the Free Naira Marley hashtag is disheartening. If he is found guilty by the law, he should face the music. Making a case for fraud only shows that some Nigerians have a problem. We complain about politicians, kidnapping, armed robbery and we want to overlook that of yahoo yahoo? All crimes must be punished.

Frederick William Robertson said, there are three things in the world that deserve no mercy; hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny. A changed mindset and attitude are all we need. No circumstance is an excuse for Crime. #SayNoToCrime!!

SUICIDE – Why I have chosen…

I have been in situations where it seems the weight of the whole world is on my shoulders. At times my head feels heavy as if laden with the weight of two hundred storey building. As if the air I breathe in is as toxic as corrosive acid. I remember an incident involving acid, fire and a table. I feel those flames burning my heart every time and I feel my lungs wriggle in pains while the air gushing forth is as hot as molten magma erupting from the earth’s crust. I feel life ebbing out of me each time I step out to face each day. I feel the walls of the world collapsing and engulfing me in its ruins. Oh, how I wish I would be swallowed up never to return. I pass through the gravesides and I feel; oh those who lie within are far better than me, I wish to be like them. How else would that happen if not suicide? The sniper (insecticide brand that has suddenly become notorious for facilitating many suicides) in the room now has such a pleasant scent and I can imagine it tastes like honey. Oh, what a sweet taste to depart with. The ceiling fan and the rope from my clothes hanger now seem like a good combination and me dangling underneath both would make a beautiful sight. It would be just fun and I may feel like I am swinging to join those gone before me.

But then I stop just for a brief moment…

What would the great beyond look like? Will there be light? Will there be warmth? Will there be laughter and mingling? I cry that I am unloved here; will there be anyone to love me there? I lament for not being appreciated here; will anyone appreciate me there? I cry when I fail my grades here; will there even be an institution there for me to attend? I cry that I am broke here; are there riches awaiting me there? I cry for a lack of opportunities here; is there any opportunity waiting for me there? I cry that my parents and everyone else do not understand me here; will I even have any parents there or anyone else for that matter, it may be total isolation. What if death is just a total state of darkness with no air, no light, and no essence?

On second thought, what if there is life after now, beautiful, sweet and lovable, I will definitely love to live there. But will I be welcomed if I arrived without invitation or notice? Whose beautiful house would I stay when I haven’t lived long enough to build one. What if I am treated with scorn as a leprous one because I had wished myself death? What if they treated me worse than I already feel now, then where would I run to, certainly I cannot return back to this world. How come no one has ever returned to tell us the tales of what goes on over there. Many have toiled the path I am contemplating but no news has ever reached me from there. I have heard tales of old men who want to remain in this world afraid to walk that path. They may have good reasons for wanting to remain here despite their old age.

I think I know what to do now. I must speak with these older ones, in fact, anyone who cares to listen to me. Then I must find the essence of my being in this world. I must look at the poor beggars on the street who have nothing, yet struggle to live each day and find meaning in life. To look at the man who lost his job with a large family and responsibility to take care of, yet goes out each day to find a means of survival.  In the end, I must learn to survive by myself. I must see the constantly divorced couples who find love often to remarry and know that love is at my fingertip, I only have to reach out. I must know that life is cruel and has killed me a thousand times from which I resurrected but I am not as cruel to kill life; my life; because it is just one and can never resurrect once it’s dead. Suicide is never the option.