Symptoms of an LGBTI conscious society

We live in a society that prides itself on being morally upright compared to Western societies where moral codes are dying or are dead. One of the vices that have been labelled western and must be seen as such is being ‘gay’. Nigeria enthusiastically leapt backwards when it enacted the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act of 2013. The Act was the government’s response to advocacy for a gay rights legislation. Questions of LGBTI Rights in Nigeria has had so many setbacks that there is no hope of resuscitating the matter. It would seem that the LGBTI community is silent as if it didn’t exist. 

Even now, everyone watches for signs of ‘gayness’ in men and women. Signs, whether they are real or imagined, are frowned at and spoken against. As a people that are known for giving unsolicited advice, such observations would invoke the angry stare of onlookers and observers and the fervent outpouring of the infallible word of God. Thereafter, the alleged gay person would be encouraged to subject oneself to exorcism in order to expel the LGBTI demons.
Despite the sanctimonious outlook, Nigeria is still one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Corruption reigns supreme at the top of the family tree as the patriarch of all our societal ills. It has attacked every facet of our society’s life. Rather than speak up against this evil, everyone points accusing fingers with no will to act. True enough, it is the government which receives most of the blame but the people are quick to forget that they also play important parts in maintaining the great corruption scheme. 

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We choose to talk about other things like sports, business, the great evils of the West, the instability of the Middle East, North Korea, Russia, the end times. When these topics fail to bring the expected satisfaction, we turn to the failings of our neighbours: the other lady who comes home with a particular older looking man, the man who beats his wife, the other man who has been arrested by Law Enforcement, then the effeminate boy who walked by the street.
‘Why would a guy act like a woman?’ the people ask. We look at other people with the same shade of glass, even neighbours and friends. All these points to the conclusion that our society has lost its focus on humanity. Unfortunately so, but it is gradually losing its soul.

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