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#4 Reverberations

In our society, the belief that the spiritual or invisible world control the physical world is held high. This belief is held by different persons, religious adherents and self –proclaimed atheists. It forms some of our decisions and contemporary culture. As a result, it is possible that many people do not see present happenings as a result of past decisions. Maybe they do, but as is consistent with human nature, they find something outside themselves to blame. The Devil is the major culprit. Other culprits are as follows in no particular order: one’s grandmother; the aged relatives in the villages; witches; enemies and evil people.

This was the same view Chioma held as well as her fellow gang members when interviewed on television. The church joined in the same voice denouncing the devil as the architect of the downfall of such valiant soldier of the Lord as Chioma. Prayers were held for her release and the services of a lawyer was employed. Eventually, she got out of the case, mysteriously, while other members of the gang were taken to court. The following Sunday, a big hallelujah was given to the Lord who had saved her from the lion’s den amidst much music and dancing.

I left the church, and so did others too. It was too much for us to bear. We wondered about the logic behind someone caught during a robbery and assassination incident and the devil. The devil must be a boring sadist!

At school, Tobi and I continued to top results at every examination. Fellow students saw us as a force to be reckoned with. Soon, some started asking us to write exams, do projects and assignments for them. I did them because I needed the money, I don’t know why Tobi did. I made a lot of money from this “business” as all of my clients were never disappointed.

I came into the department office one day and came upon the HOD scolding a guy whom I had helped write his project over some inaccuracies in some data input in his work. As soon as I got in, he saw me and threw a cold stare at me. I looked away, turned and left in a hurry. Later that day, he sent me a text threatening to harm me should he repeat the project.

Now, I didn’t put in wrong data, I got it from someone he had directed me to. Since I was the only one he saw at the time, he decide to lash out on me.

He had to repeat the project as the data inputted were very wrong and affected his results. Also, he couldn’t say a thing about the project topic during the Defence. Now I am in trouble.

While ruminating over what to do during the drive home one day, I ran into a guy with whom I served at the church. I found out from him that the pastor had been dragged to court by his wife over marital infidelity and she wanted the church and its businesses as part of her divorce settlement. Trouble started when the pastor was caught in bed with Chioma. Yes, our Chioma!

Now, who do we blame this incidence on? On what do we blame the inability of a graduating student who cannot write his own project and defend it? On what do we blame someone who takes on the job of writing other peoples’ exams, assignments, and projects?


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