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#1 Questions I wish my father gave me answers to

Tobi and I live in a metropolitan city where people from diverse cultures meet. Life in this city captures the vibrancy of youth, the elegance of class, the beauty of culture, the power of religion, the tales of history and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Tobi and I go to the Federal University not very far from where we live. I was in the Medical Sciences and Tobi was in the Management Sciences.

In our second year in school, my parents separated and got divorced. My father absconded with another woman to the UK, leaving my siblings and myself with my mother. Life became hard and full of uncertainties. Tobi was sympathetic and supportive. I decided to take up odd jobs to support myself financially; one of which included working at a cyber café.

One day, an argument ensued between two men who were regulars at the cyber café about what a right or wrong action is and how to measure what is right and wrong. It occurred to me that I had been given an offer by a friend to help him sit for an exam in return for money. I thought about it for a long time and even discussed it with Tobi.

What puzzled me wasn’t the offer but that I kept thinking about it. I wondered if it was right or wrong to indulge in such. Don’t get me wrong. Sitting for someone in an examination is wrong, it is Impersonation, a moral wrong.

I need the money and my friend needs to attend his dad’s burial on the same day. So, on the one hand, I’m helping a friend out. On the other hand, I’ll make some money to sort some financial need. Why does it feel wrong and hopeless? Does it even matter? What defines right and wrong?


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