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What We Offer

The Leadership Institute is a project that targets young people within academic institutions and seeks to enable them to build leadership skills. It is an activity-based learning program that strengthens youth development and institutional systems.

Who can benefit from the Leadership Institute?

What Can You Learn?

All courses in the Leadership Institute will achieve long term changes in attitudes and behaviors of young people and will enable them to start contributing actively to development in their personal lives, institutions and communities. This program will facilitate organic youth-led change and activism in society. Young people participating in the Leadership Institute will learn to: 

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Free Platforms for Learning

If you ever wish you had access to a multiple sources of information that helps you become a better person and improve your efficiency at work, then the Leadership Institute is the right platform for you. 

Beyond articles that we put out weekly, we also create educational videos on a wide range of subjects that target young people. All videos can be found on the SEVICS Africa YouTube Channel. We also have the Peakie You Podcast which shares stories about leadership, career and the workplace. Young Entrepreneurs, students and professionals feature as guests and share their stories to inspire you.

For more traditional audiences, we provide personal coaching. Organized groups and academic institutions can access this service for a fee. This is the only package that is paid.

Online Learning

Our Website hosts a number of online courses which entitle learners to a certificate at completion. Some of our courses are paid while others are free to access. 

To earn a certificate, one must complete all the assignments and tests. Sign up right now and take a free course with us right now!

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Explore new Courses

Some SEVICS Courses are offered at no cost and can be accessed by anyone. Certificates are offered at the end of each Course. However, some advanced Courses are paid for but are quite affordable.

Basic Time Management

SEVICS Ukwuma-M.-C.-e1555423926552 Leadership Institute

Michael Ukwuma



Introduction to Project Funding

SEVICS Ukwuma-M.-C.-e1555423926552 Leadership Institute

Michael Ukwuma



Basic Leadership Course

SEVICS Ukwuma-M.-C.-e1555423926552 Leadership Institute

Michael Ukwuma



Our Teachers

Learn from professionals who are willing to share practical knowledge of relevant subjects. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and skills, click to register!

SEVICS Ukwuma-M.-C.-e1555423926552-o6gjysncaf7o7110pw2yw7qbpxxsftkvxp1xaek1cg Leadership Institute

Michael Ukwuma

Fundraising, Project management, leadership

Michael has over 10 years of experience working with nonprofits and leading development projects. He is a coach, trainer, author, podcaster and YouTuber.

SEVICS Magnus-Anyanwu-2-oynfsc5b9dfsrfl0lj587zakbt7cgmvz4hsb5fn4k0 Leadership Institute

Magnus Anyanwu

Creative Writing, content development

Magnus is a Program Manager at SEVICS and leads the Play Safe Club. He has contributed hundreds of educational content across numerous platforms.

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