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The SEVICS i-mentor youth project is an intervention that provides free face time with mentors. Mentors counsel young people and help find potentials as well as motivate them to pursue their dreams. This service can be accessed at SEVICS Offices at no cost. Tea is always free for young people participating in the project. Virtual mentoring opportunities are also provided for youths. This closes gaps between people and remove barriers to accessing needed help. A special interest of this project is to promote youth publications and readership via building capacity in Literary Skills.

Youths are groomed to give literary services to other youth authors. We hope our trainees author books that are read widely by their intended audience. We believe that books are able to outlive societies or cultures and are instruments of change to enlighten minds for all times. We commit to producing well written books. We facilitate reviews of context and content of books to make sure that they make good reads.

The SEVICS i-mentor youth project also recognizes that a lot of well written books are not accessible to the intended audience due to poor formatting and packaging. Though the old saying advises ‘not to judge a book by its cover’, trends show that most people do just that. This is because, there are loads of books to choose from and very little time to read.

In addition to providing mentors to youths to improve their chances of a good future life, SEVICS desires to have more young people writing and reading good books. The SEVICS i-mentor youth project is proactive and does not seek errant youth. It is our duty to catch them young and end chances of becoming problematic. SEVICS shows commitment  to society building through empowering the youth. Those empowered become mentors to others. Thus, creating positive ripples in the community.

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