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24 - 28 August 2021 | 8am - 12pm daily

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Planning Your Podcast

Learn how to plan your podcast, choose a title and develop content consistently. Scripting will be treated extensively.

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Podcasting Gear

What gear should you buy? Discover various kits you can use at any budget at all. Learn to set up a standard podcast studio at home.

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Recording & Editing

When you record your audio, how do you make the best out of it? What about sound effects? Plus, you will also learn to prime your room for the best sound.

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Growing your Podcast

It is not enough to start a podcast. Growing your podcast ensures that more people are reached and you increase the profitability of your podcast.

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Who can participate?

Young people under the age of 24

Students currently enrolled in secondary schools or higher

Persons own a mobile phone that is internet enabled

Must be ready to attend events in person and in a timely fashion

How to Register

Book a slot by messaging us on WhatsApp using the following link: (Click here)

Make a payment of thirty-five thousand naira to the Official Bank Account of SEVICS to be provided upon request.

Complete the online registration form and registration is complete.