PhD Research Scholarship 2020 Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland

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PhD Scholarship

Work & Employment Relations (broadly defined) Kemmy Business School University of Limerick 

Applications are invited for a full-time 4 year PhD scholarship commencing Sep/Oct 2020 in the area of work and employment relations, to be supervised by Professor Tony Dundon. The candidate will develop their specific proposal and areas of interest include, but not limited to: new technology and skills; the role of trade unions and union organising in the gig-economy; employment and digital labour platforms; social dialogue and worker voice for freelance/digital platform workers; and/or questions of employment regulation under new modes of capitalism.

Literatures of interest to candidates may include those that question the many claims about the future of work destroying jobs (see Spencer, 2017); the re-shaping of skill and labour power (see Thompson, 2019); the role of the state in (de)regulating worker rights (see Bales et al, 2018; Taylor, 2019); digital labour platform types (see Howcroft and Bergvall-Kareborn, 2019); labour market precarity (Rubery et al, 2019); emerging questions of voice yet also how employees are coerced into ‘silence’ (see Hickland et al, 2020); and a re-evaluation of disciplinary boundaries to study and examine such developments in the field of employment and HRM (see Godard, 2014; Dundon and Rafferty, 2018; Budd, 2020; Kaufman, 2020).

Applications are invited from candidates with Degrees / Master’s degrees that have a knowledge base in industrial relations, labour process, sociology of work, labour law, heterodox economics, critical management, human resources, social psychology, and/or employment regulation. The scholarship will cover EU level fees and a stipend of €1,000 per month for years one to four on a full time basis. Scholarship holders are expected to undertake a limited amount of formative academic duties in addition to pursuing their doctoral studies.

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