If tomorrow never comes

I toil, heap and plough yesterday and today in anticipation for tomorrow; surely tomorrow will be a better day to rest. I travel miles and miles today without a slight second to examine the impact of my travels. Examinations and evaluations are best done tomorrow.

I fail to till the soil today waiting for tomorrow. I fail to plant on the tilled soil today relying on tomorrow. I often think ‘the sun was scorching yesterday and the clouds are gathered today, tomorrow may have better weather.

The business ideas I thought of yesterday, I have left unattended. Why overlabour myself today when I still have tomorrow. The relationships I intend to build, I leave it till tomorrow. The application letter I intend to send will have to wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a better day to make the right connections.

Truth remains that a lot of persons leave things unattended today with the hope that there is always a tomorrow to make things right while forgetting that the success of tomorrow is birthed on the pains and sacrifices of yesterday and today.

Why suspend a journey till tomorrow when you can make it today? Why procrastinate the implementation of an idea when something can be done to begin the process today? Why wait till tomorrow to make an investment that can be done today? Why wait till tomorrow to call a relative or friend whom you have always wanted to call when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to study hard for that examination when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to prepare for that interview when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to launch your project when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to fulfil your promise when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to make that donation or lend a helping hand to the needy when nothing is hindering you from doing so today?

What if the much anticipated tomorrow never comes, will your deeds of today still count? Will you have regrets that you could have done better today? Will you be remembered for the things you did right today? Will your work be enough to speak for you?

You never know of all you’ve got is today, so do the much you can today if tomorrow never comes.

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Jennifer Onaburekhalen

Jennifer Onaburekhalen

Jennifer Onaburekhalen is a legal practitioner who currently works with a human rights organization because of her desire to assist the poor and indigent in accessing justice. She is also developing her skills in writing which is one of her passions in reaching out to the larger community.

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