How to activate your little steps to greatness

What does greatness mean to you?

To be great is a task that most people aspire to but only a few persons will experience. This isn’t because it’s an impossibility but people are likely to aspire poorly. Les Brown would often say that the ‘problem with achieving anything isn’t that people aim too high and miss but because they aim too low and hit’. The first step is to change your mindset about greatness. Aim higher than your rational mind thinks is realistic.

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Contemporary world views reveals greatness with regards to public adulation, fame, pomp, and pageantry. A celebrity status is the most sought after form of recognition and young people will pay whatever it takes to gain this recognition. The truth, however, is that true greatness is beyond one individual. It should never be about ‘you’ but about the value ‘you’ can provide. Every person who has at any time in history been recognized as great did selfless acts. To be truly great, put other persons first.


Everything is possible if you think it is

In the early days of our lives, we believe everything. Every little act was magical and provided some form of entertainment and that’s why children are so adorable. As people develop and become more grown-up, they believe less and find less amusement in life. Hence, the older a person gets, the harder life seems. Things are taken quite seriously and by the time we are all grown up, life is quite screwed, literally. Believe me, if you will, but everything is possible. The distinguishing factor between those who have this belief and those who dont is mindset.

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Developing the right mindset that says yes to life’s possibilities is important. It gives you the right attitude and sets you up for success. There will always be reasons to think something is hard. But that is the wrong way to think. It is better to think that everything is possible if you worked on it. As it is said, ‘if you don’t try you will never know.’ Every time you are tempted to say, it’s not possible, say instead, let’s see how this can be possible.


Do the easiest thing first

With the right mindset that is willing to try things out, all that remains is to learn how to conduct all you need to do. Let us consider an example where a girl needs a make a documentary for a school project. At first glance, this would seem difficult except if she broke the project down into 5 tasks.

  1. discuss the documentary ideas with the teacher
  2. choose what the documentary will be about, pets, gardens or about her family.
  3. Record on her phone camera
  4. Edit documentary using a free app on her phone
  5. Submit school project

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When activities are broken up this way, it becomes easier to execute them. Also, note that the simpler things are done first. Nobody fails at doing what is easy. It is the difficult things that are hard to achieve. The other truth is that the more people do simpler things, the less work there is yet to be done. In summary, the more you work on a thing, the easier it becomes. Next time you are faced with a difficult task, never say that it is too much. Start with the easier task and don’t stop until all the work is done.


Keep going no matter what and never stop

If you want to achieve greatness, you must learn to keep working on your dreams. All the elements of nature demonstrate this principle so well. They can be found in all things except in a vacuum. Fortunately, vacuums never exist in nature. Water retains its course even if it has to flow through or around an obstacle. But it never stops.

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Science has it that all matter is made up of little particles called atoms which are in state of constant random motion. Even in a frozen state, matter is still able to move despite the restrictions. What we can learn from this is that we never quite stop doing anything even when we think that we are doing nothing. Our minds and bodies are always up to something. Our task in life should be to ensure that the tasks that preoccupy us are worth our time and contribute to our dreams.

When you have decided to be great, then work on your dreams and never stop.

Michael Ukwuma

Michael Ukwuma

Michael is a Project Manager with years of experience in nonprofits and managing startups. He shares what he has learnt over time with like-minded persons. He gives classes to persons who plan a future in the nonprofits sector or as entrepreneurs.

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