Holiday is always a much expected time by any student or anyone in an institution of learning. It is a great time to relax and rest from the tedious and stressful environment of institutional learning. It is a great time to run away from the troubles of life and find a better place to breathe some fresh air that will help re-energize a person for better performance upon resumption. For an adult with much responsibility, would be a great time to unwind, break off from the day to day routine and often times find a friendly environment to relax with family. This is always a great time to look forward to.

For a young adult still going through formation, holiday could be a whole different thing. Rather than take the whole time off relaxing, watching TV and visiting friends, a whole lot can be done during this time.

Considering the emerging trends in the world today, many employers and investors do not just require certificate holders alone but individuals that are skilled and innovative. Many graduates in Nigeria today do not have enough flexibility and are time constrained to learn more skills in the fast moving world. Therefore, for a young adult or an adolescent, there are many opportunities lined up to acquire these qualifications even while in school and the best time to do that is during holidays. There are a lot a person can do within a given holiday which ranges from learning a skill or developing a hobby.

It is worthy of note that there are varieties of skills that can be learnt during the holiday period and they range from professional skill to recreational skills. Examples of professional skills include:  tailoring, shoe making, furniture making, web designing or any other computer programme, printing, electrical and mechanical production and repairs, starting a vegetable or animal farm, learning a trade, etc. Recreational skills include: learning a sport like soccer, swimming or learning a musical instrument like piano, guitar, violin etc.

Many young persons have many great things they love to do at their leisure and holiday is a perfect time to develop such hobbies. Some examples include but not limited to: reading as many books and writing a review on it by book lovers and this can be done one book per week depending on the capacity of each person. A person could volunteer at a publishing house to write materials that could possibly be published or intern for a publisher to learn better writing styles or at a TV house, Radio Station or film industry. A singer or dancer could also intern with a professional in the field to improve the talent. A cook can learn more recipes from a catering establishment and the list goes on and on.

Apart from learning and developing skills and hobbies, one can also take up a holiday class for higher academic pursuit. One can also get a holiday job to improve finances and yet one can also volunteer at a Charity Organization.

The above are just a few examples of what a young person can engage in during any given holiday for self development and improvement to help settle in the work environment after institutional trainings. It is to be remembered that time spend doing nothing cannot be accounted for. Time spent on self development is beneficial and will have an overwhelming impact and juicy fruits to be harvested in the near future.

Jennifer Onaburekhalen

Jennifer Onaburekhalen

Jennifer Onaburekhalen is a legal practitioner who currently works with a human rights organization because of her desire to assist the poor and indigent in accessing justice. She is also developing her skills in writing which is one of her passions in reaching out to the larger community.

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