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Every day on my way to work, I see two types of businesses; big companies in towering buildings and small businesses in lowly shops and shanties. What really makes the difference between the two? I bet the various entrepreneurs were quite motivated with various prospective outcomes. Does motivation always involve having a vision statement?


What does it mean to be motivated?

Motivation to start a new business could mean a number of things ranging from having funds to start a business, finding an opportunity that aligns with one’s personal goals or maybe sheer determination to break away from poverty. Motivation is the drive that gets you going from the scratch. A motivated person is full of energy and is willing to take risks. However, it is important to channel energy and resources appropriately and in the best possible ways. This can be achieved through a great vision statement.


Always use a good vision statement

To succeed in business, having a great vision statement is not only important, it is also a very necessary condition for growth and expansion. That is where the difference lies between a living prosperous business and a living-dead business. A good vision statement gives focus and direction to the work any business venture sets out to do. It does not matter if it’s a pure water business or a large real estate empire, the vision you have always reminds you that you have not arrived at the desirable destination. A good vision will keep you on your feet working.

Some entrepreneurs are satisfied to merely post profits on a day to day basis and might even attempt some expansions. Where a good vision is lacking in a business, the owner might get comfortable feeding off the profits he makes and fails to make adequate investments to protect and grow the business as well as foster future partnerships. To protect your business, you need a to set up systems that keep you focused on your organizational goals.


Benefits of a Good Vision Statement

To grow the business, you need to build a culture through setting standards, raising business leaders who are in tune with your vision for continuity. Ultimately, businesses should be able to upgrade the products and services they provide to brands. A good vision should aim towards this objective of creating brands that are acceptable and recognized in your local environment and eventually in other localities. Partnerships should go beyond accepting contracts and make real partners of the regular people who consume and promote your products and services on a daily basis.

It is important to note that every business idea can be fuelled by high levels of motivation. Sustaining a business must go beyond personal motivation which is instinctive and become a structured system that can be transferred from person to person whether they are staff, vendors or customers. Personal motivation can help you start a business but only a good vision can take you from that starting point to the future of your dreams. If you do not have a good vision statement, create one today using this simple approach I shared earlier. Now when you look at the big corporations and the shops in shanties on the roadside. Can you tell the difference?


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