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Icebreaker Game

Games for Learning │ Pick a Colour

Summary: Pick a Colour is an icebreaker that allows people to get to know each other. Each player takes a number of colour cards and shares facts about him/herself. Suitable for all ages.


Group size: 3–12 players.

30 minutes–1hour.

Materials: Paper cards of multiple colours.


How to play

Colour cards are poured into a bowl. Everyone in the group has to take as many or as few cards as they like from the bowl. For each card they take they have to answer a question, which depends on the colour of the card. The colours can be designated different meanings, such as:

  • Red card: favourite movies
  • Green card: favourite music
  • Yellow card: favourite things to do
  • Orange card: favourite animals
  • Brown card: most memorable or embarrassing moments
  • Blue card: wild cards (players can share anything they wish)

You can be creative and choose any questions you think would be fitting for your group. The facilitator will call out the colour topics and everyone will go around the room sharing one answer for each card. As an example: if you chose two red cards, you will have to name two of your favourite hobbies. Players continue to go around the room until each colour topic has been shared.

Variation: Instead of making colour cards you can also use a deck of playing cards. Different cards can represent a different type of question.


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