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Icebreaker Game

Games for Learning │ Adjective Game

Summary: The adjective game is an effective icebreaker that helps people to introduce themselves in front of a group. It is a lot easier to learn new names by using adjectives. The Adjective Game is a great way to start a workshop. Suitable for players of age 10 and up.


Group size: 5–20 players.

Time: 15–30 minutes.

Materials: A positive attitude.

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How to play

Players are arranged so that they are standing or sitting in a circle and everyone can hear each other speak. Each person must think of a word that describes him/herself as a person. The catch is that the word must start with the first letter of their first name. For example, a participant called Chioma may choose to describe herself as ‘Cool Chioma’.

Normally the game begins with the facilitator, who is also in the circle. If Chioma was the facilitator, she would start the game by turning to the person on her left and saying loudly: “Hello! My name is Cool Chioma”. The person whom Chioma has just introduced herself to (let’s call him Seyi) must then turn to the person on his left and introduce both Chioma and himself by saying: “Hello! This is Cool Chioma and I am Strong Seyi”. The third person must then turn to the fourth and say: “Hello, this is Cool Chioma, this is Strong Seyi and I am Powerful Palmie”.

The basic idea is that everyone in the circle has to introduce him/herself to the next person in line and at the same time introduce everyone else (including their chosen adjective!) who have been introduced before him/her. This continues until all of the participants have introduced themselves. The last person in the circle then has to remember everyone’s names in order to introduce them all to the person who went first.


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