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Holiday is always a much expected time by any student or anyone in an institution of learning. It is a great time to relax and rest from the tedious and stressful environment of institutional learning. It is a great time to run away from the troubles of life and find a better place to breathe some fresh air that will help re-energize a person for better performance upon resumption. For an adult with much responsibility, would be a great time to unwind, break off from the day to day routine and often times find a friendly environment to relax with family. This is always a great time to look forward to.

For a young adult still going through formation, holiday could be a whole different thing. Rather than take the whole time off relaxing, watching TV and visiting friends, a whole lot can be done during this time.

Considering the emerging trends in the world today, many employers and investors do not just require certificate holders alone but individuals that are skilled and innovative. Many graduates in Nigeria today do not have enough flexibility and are time constrained to learn more skills in the fast moving world. Therefore, for a young adult or an adolescent, there are many opportunities lined up to acquire these qualifications even while in school and the best time to do that is during holidays. There are a lot a person can do within a given holiday which ranges from learning a skill or developing a hobby.

It is worthy of note that there are varieties of skills that can be learnt during the holiday period and they range from professional skill to recreational skills. Examples of professional skills include:  tailoring, shoe making, furniture making, web designing or any other computer programme, printing, electrical and mechanical production and repairs, starting a vegetable or animal farm, learning a trade, etc. Recreational skills include: learning a sport like soccer, swimming or learning a musical instrument like piano, guitar, violin etc.

Many young persons have many great things they love to do at their leisure and holiday is a perfect time to develop such hobbies. Some examples include but not limited to: reading as many books and writing a review on it by book lovers and this can be done one book per week depending on the capacity of each person. A person could volunteer at a publishing house to write materials that could possibly be published or intern for a publisher to learn better writing styles or at a TV house, Radio Station or film industry. A singer or dancer could also intern with a professional in the field to improve the talent. A cook can learn more recipes from a catering establishment and the list goes on and on.

Apart from learning and developing skills and hobbies, one can also take up a holiday class for higher academic pursuit. One can also get a holiday job to improve finances and yet one can also volunteer at a Charity Organization.

The above are just a few examples of what a young person can engage in during any given holiday for self development and improvement to help settle in the work environment after institutional trainings. It is to be remembered that time spend doing nothing cannot be accounted for. Time spent on self development is beneficial and will have an overwhelming impact and juicy fruits to be harvested in the near future.

If tomorrow never comes

I toil, heap and plough yesterday and today in anticipation for tomorrow; surely tomorrow will be a better day to rest. I travel miles and miles today without a slight second to examine the impact of my travels. Examinations and evaluations are best done tomorrow.

I fail to till the soil today waiting for tomorrow. I fail to plant on the tilled soil today relying on tomorrow. I often think ‘the sun was scorching yesterday and the clouds are gathered today, tomorrow may have better weather.

The business ideas I thought of yesterday, I have left unattended. Why overlabour myself today when I still have tomorrow. The relationships I intend to build, I leave it till tomorrow. The application letter I intend to send will have to wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a better day to make the right connections.

Truth remains that a lot of persons leave things unattended today with the hope that there is always a tomorrow to make things right while forgetting that the success of tomorrow is birthed on the pains and sacrifices of yesterday and today.

Why suspend a journey till tomorrow when you can make it today? Why procrastinate the implementation of an idea when something can be done to begin the process today? Why wait till tomorrow to make an investment that can be done today? Why wait till tomorrow to call a relative or friend whom you have always wanted to call when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to study hard for that examination when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to prepare for that interview when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to launch your project when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to fulfil your promise when you can do it today? Why wait till tomorrow to make that donation or lend a helping hand to the needy when nothing is hindering you from doing so today?

What if the much anticipated tomorrow never comes, will your deeds of today still count? Will you have regrets that you could have done better today? Will you be remembered for the things you did right today? Will your work be enough to speak for you?

You never know of all you’ve got is today, so do the much you can today if tomorrow never comes.

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Beautiful World for women: possible or not?

The beauty of life and well being is in the inclusion of all and sundry. Society reveals its true beauty when the value of women is upheld and treasured.

In the days of our fore Parents, care, love and respect were ascribed to the woman and the role she plays in the home. She builds a stable home both for the husband and the child. The child gets its first education from her and the husband his nutrition. Her very presence brings warmth and calmness and her dignity is well protected.

Young men were taught to be defenders of the home. They stood up for the girl and shielded her from any form of violence or violation. Thus they received more education to strengthen their defence and provide for a home when they became men and the young girls were taught in the ways of their mothers to maintain and run a home. Families would make contributions to carter for the needs of the home of their deceased brother knowing that they had the responsibility to care for the women and children. Indeed the world was a beautiful place to live in then.

Now times have changed. The yearn for western traditions has reshaped the roles played by our fore-parents. Women now not only have to care for their home but have to provide for it as well. Men have neglected their duties and deserted the home with no one to provide for them. The young boys have forgotten their training and have become valiance. Virtue is no longer cherished and protected and no one speaks up for the girl child anymore. Education has become a tool to manipulate and violate the girl child. Child marriages and girl child trafficking are on the increase.

The girl child can rise to protect herself against this once beautiful but now scornful society. She can braise up and defend her rights. She can gain freedom from her manipulators and justice for the violators. Yes! She can speak up for herself only if she is given the same tool as the oppressor. The world can become beautiful again when the girl child reaches her full potentials and can rise up against the whims and caprices of the society oppressing her. Make the world beautiful again. Create a learning environment for her to thrive and reach to the top.

Train your girl child is becoming a cliche already. Beyond all the hype, is gender equality achievable in today’s world. Can things ever return to a state where women rights have protection and are free from exploitation? 

SUICIDE – Why I have chosen…

I have been in situations where it seems the weight of the whole world is on my shoulders. At times my head feels heavy as if laden with the weight of two hundred storey building. As if the air I breathe in is as toxic as corrosive acid. I remember an incident involving acid, fire and a table. I feel those flames burning my heart every time and I feel my lungs wriggle in pains while the air gushing forth is as hot as molten magma erupting from the earth’s crust. I feel life ebbing out of me each time I step out to face each day. I feel the walls of the world collapsing and engulfing me in its ruins. Oh, how I wish I would be swallowed up never to return. I pass through the gravesides and I feel; oh those who lie within are far better than me, I wish to be like them. How else would that happen if not suicide? The sniper (insecticide brand that has suddenly become notorious for facilitating many suicides) in the room now has such a pleasant scent and I can imagine it tastes like honey. Oh, what a sweet taste to depart with. The ceiling fan and the rope from my clothes hanger now seem like a good combination and me dangling underneath both would make a beautiful sight. It would be just fun and I may feel like I am swinging to join those gone before me.

But then I stop just for a brief moment…

What would the great beyond look like? Will there be light? Will there be warmth? Will there be laughter and mingling? I cry that I am unloved here; will there be anyone to love me there? I lament for not being appreciated here; will anyone appreciate me there? I cry when I fail my grades here; will there even be an institution there for me to attend? I cry that I am broke here; are there riches awaiting me there? I cry for a lack of opportunities here; is there any opportunity waiting for me there? I cry that my parents and everyone else do not understand me here; will I even have any parents there or anyone else for that matter, it may be total isolation. What if death is just a total state of darkness with no air, no light, and no essence?

On second thought, what if there is life after now, beautiful, sweet and lovable, I will definitely love to live there. But will I be welcomed if I arrived without invitation or notice? Whose beautiful house would I stay when I haven’t lived long enough to build one. What if I am treated with scorn as a leprous one because I had wished myself death? What if they treated me worse than I already feel now, then where would I run to, certainly I cannot return back to this world. How come no one has ever returned to tell us the tales of what goes on over there. Many have toiled the path I am contemplating but no news has ever reached me from there. I have heard tales of old men who want to remain in this world afraid to walk that path. They may have good reasons for wanting to remain here despite their old age.

I think I know what to do now. I must speak with these older ones, in fact, anyone who cares to listen to me. Then I must find the essence of my being in this world. I must look at the poor beggars on the street who have nothing, yet struggle to live each day and find meaning in life. To look at the man who lost his job with a large family and responsibility to take care of, yet goes out each day to find a means of survival.  In the end, I must learn to survive by myself. I must see the constantly divorced couples who find love often to remarry and know that love is at my fingertip, I only have to reach out. I must know that life is cruel and has killed me a thousand times from which I resurrected but I am not as cruel to kill life; my life; because it is just one and can never resurrect once it’s dead. Suicide is never the option.