Vulnerable people are often not able to provide for themselves and have to depend on other persons for most of their lives. There is a need to provide skills that will enable them to become self-sufficient. These include the provision of skills training through partnerships with standard facilities and organizations that are accessible to beneficiaries. Training activities involve some basic business management education to ensure that the project beneficiaries are able to operate and sustain small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). Small grants provided to successful project beneficiaries help them start-up SMEs.
Capacity development activities promote creativity through development of technical skills and wellbeing. Management principles, leadership qualities and strategic planning skills is further developed in individuals for a successful future.
SEVICS mobilizes young people whether they are in-school or out of school to become self-reliant. Enabling environments for young people to learn together in controlled environments is created through activities such as camp programs and weekend hangout programs. Parents and school administrators are sensitized to promote participation in healthy recreational activities in safe environments.