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COVID-19 | Let’s go back in time

Its been a few weeks since the virus struck the world and a good number of countries on earth were forced to shut down. Shutting down meant restrictions on all aspects of life; Schooling, trading, worshipping, recreation, etc.

The first few days of the lockdown sounded like fun… Aha! A short break from the everyday work/school, everyone deserves a break/vacation. For some Nigerian students in public institutions who were already on strike, it was a plus, maybe just an additional break… It will be fun and will eventually have time for more recreation and do some of the stuff time didn’t permit me to do. Well, what wasn’t envisaged happened, it was more restriction than a vacation, more isolating than socializing and it became boring, depressing, and frustrating. Everyone longs to return to the “normal” everyday life we once disliked.

Amid the isolation, some minds were awoken. Yes, it is an opportunity to do the stuff I always wanted to do which did not require going out. I could take time to discover the hidden talents in me, I could develop a skill which I have discovered, I could take interest in learning a new skill, I could record a video, sing a song, write a book, read a book, learn online trading and the list is endless. A lot took to this path and marveled at what great insight they had about the things they thought they knew nothing about. On and on they went learning skills making discoveries in such a short period.

The time is drawing near and the whole lockdown will be lifted and the normal life we have so craved will eventually resurface. What next? Are we going back with the mindset as though life had been on a pause and the play button has just been hit?  Are we going to return to a whole new world? Is there a place for the things we have learned or are we going to reserve them for a later time? Will, there be better opportunities to further develop what we have learned or we will stall till another holiday? Will there even be space to accommodate any new thing?

The answers are not farfetched, they lie within us. The determinant of whatever choices we make or whatever the outcome of learnings within the lockdown is based on one factor: the intention for learning what we have learned or the development we achieved. If the purpose of our learnings is to occupy the mind and wave off boredom, then there are no many expectations for continued learning after the lockdown. However, if the purpose is to develop something we intend to live by, then there is no better way to fit it into our busy schedule by mastering the art of time management. (Probably insert the link to take time management course)

Everything we do, whatever we become is a product of the amount of time spent doing those things we believe in. Professionals do not become what they are by using spare time to learn skills, rather they create time to learn all the things that matter to them, the things that make them professionals. An hour a day practicing or developing on what we have learned will go a long way helping us master the art. Therefore to master and become professionals of the things we love to do, we need to create time for them and consistently practice on them and as time passes, we become more and more what we have learned.




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