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Introduction to Project Funding

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Introduction to Project Funding

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Proposal writing has become a very important skill to acquire for people interested in the development sector. One of the key features of work in the development sector is the wide gap between the haves and the have-nots. There is a growing inequality in the distribution of resources as world population bloats. Visionary change-development organizations are springing up in every town and city and are making strides towards improving the lives of the poor and the vulnerable. Billions of US Dollars are spent annually on meaningful projects across Africa. However, the huge sums may appear as nothing when compared to the magnitude of problems that exist. This results in very stiff competition for available funds.
Proposal writing has since become an art and organizations must try to secure as much funds as possible to implement their projects. Skills development in this area is a growing need as it is important to stay in tune with what each funder might require. Organizations seeking funding must also show cause why their project must be funded over all others. They must try to convince the donors that they will produce the best possible results at the best possible costs within the most reasonable period. What makes this even trickier is that one organization will never know what other organizations are proposing to do. This leaves the bulk of the work to the donors who must review thousands of proposals to identify those that best represent the desired impacts, goals and outcomes.
The donors are interested in grant effectiveness. They want to have their money spent meaningfully and in line with their own agenda. The aim of donor funding is to find suitable partners who will work with the poor, vulnerable and marginalized at the grassroots level. In the final analysis, all organizations involved desire similar goals but only a few will survive the competition for good partners. Organizations who fail to fundraise and find capable partners will eventually die off. Call it survival of the fittest or the scramble for donor grants, it would still represent the same facts.
If you currently work in this sector or desire to do so; it is imperative to gear up and compete favorably. This entails employing all tools and resources that can help you achieve this feat because; like in all competitions, you either win or lose. I hope you win.

What Will I Learn?

  • What the term project means
  • What makes a good project
  • Why projects are funded
  • Where project funds come from

Topics for this course

3 Lessons45m

What is a Project?

What is a project?4:19
Can all projects receive funding?5:48
Projects, Programs and Policies. Understanding the Origin of Project Funding
Quiz 1
Quiz 1

About the instructors

Michael Ukwuma

Executive Director

Michael Ukwuma is a Human Rights Professional and an alumnus of the Equitas International Center for Human Rights Education, Montreal – Canada. He has spent most of his career life defending the human rights of the socially excluded persons especially prisoners in Nigeria and the youth in conflict with the law. He has led teams that designed over ten projects with two (2) having a national scope and impacting positively on the Criminal Justice System. He works to promote interagency synergy among Criminal Justice Institutions and develop sustainable Crime Prevention Interventions among the Youth in Nigeria. Michael is the Founder of SEVICS Nigeria which a Civil Society Organization that works with young people to foster leadership and a culture of human rights. He believes in network building and demonstrates this with the nature and quality of networks to which he belongs. He is a HundrED Ambassador and networks on this platform with other Ambassadors from across the globe on innovating education. He is also one of the 2018/2019 Discussion Ambassadors on the Equitas Online Community. Michael in a One Nigeria Ambassador and works with eleven others to promote peace, diversity, and tourism in the largest black nation in the world. This project has received endorsements from the National Orientation Agency as official partner and collaborator in Peace and Nation Building. Michael has a Masters Degree in Public Health Education from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and has published several research papers locally and internationally. He enjoys research and Public Speaking. His writings focus on Human Rights Situations in Africa and Youth Engagement.
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