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Most people don’t have any control over the flow of activities in the day. As such they just let things flow and have an easy life. The easy life implies that other people make the tough decisions for them and must dictate what life has to be; when to wake up, who to meet, when to eat and what results to be achieved. Think of factory workers who must inspect a thousand bottles each day for defects. The workers puts in half the day and get peanuts as remuneration for which she must be grateful. Similarly, there are millions of people who must do multiple jobs each day to make ends meet. In a different lifetime, they would be hardworking. In today’s world, they are exploited, slavish workers.

Time is a currency with which we can buy the quality of life that we want. Whatever you give your time to grows and it is only fair that you get proportionate value for the time you give. Truth is that everyone cannot be an entrepreneur and then control their work lives. But we should be able to make rational choices about what we give time to. This is a well-known fact but one most people never act on for one simple reason; humans love to be free!

Freedom is the greatest façade of achievement but beneath is mediocrity. It gives the false impression that to be free, you should be laidback and not have a worry in the world. Freedom should empower you to decide what works for you especially if it proves to be effective momentously. Think of this, every religious, political, social or cultural system promises real freedom but only if you let them make decisions on your behalf. Each system you empower takes your time and enslaves you. Thus, we are never truly free except if we decide to do the needful and take charge of our own lives. That my friends, is the reason this book exists; to make the transition easier for you to take responsibility for your own time and life.

My promise to you is not instant miraculous change in your abilities to manage your time better. That would be deceptive. What I can assure you is that the guidelines provided work and are very useful. With practice, you should see some results in under a week of practice. Remember, there is no greater cause on earth than using your time wisely and profitably. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

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Course Content

How To Manage Your Time For Success: An Introduction
This is an introduction to the concept of time management and why anyone should take this practice seriously.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Time Management
  • Lesson 2: Reasons Why Time Management Practices Fail
  • Lesson 3: Analysis of the Parkinson’s Law
  • 1st Assignment – Parkinson’s Law

Goal Setting and Your Personality

How to Create a Schedule

The Law of Timing