organizational capacity assessment

We unravel your organizational capacity needs and we can do this at no cost.

Identification of any major organizational capacity needs could suggest a need for a more in-depth assessment which is paid. However you can claim a free assessment now!


Needs Assessment

Without a great understanding of existing needs, organizations are unable to create projects that address root causes of problems in the community. Let’s help you to analyse problems in your environment.

Academic Research

We review and conduct academic researches with the aim to improve your services. We can partner with your organization to conduct relevant researches. We also provide review services.

Monitoring and Evaluation

 Measuring results of your work will ensure that you stay on track always. We help develop approaches and tools that are best suited for you and to help you achieve the results you can be happy with.

design super strategy and projects

You desire to have a sustainable organization and that is quite achievable. To get started you need a great strategy, fantastic projects that produce killer results as well as a clear path to sustaining all you have done. We understand this and will be by your side to help you through the processes.

Resource Mobilization

Learn how to identify and mobilize the right kinds of resources to take your startups and organization to the next level. 

Strategy Design

End your struggles in  designing projects that align with your  planned strategies. Create sustainable projects.

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