How to prepare a sustainability plan for you project

Sustainability refers to the continuation of a project’s goals, principles, and efforts to achieve desired outcomes. What this really means is not merely finding the resources to continue performing the project activities beyond the grant period, it is that the positive effects achieved by the project remain in among beneficiaries. Thus, the project should have empowered the beneficiaries, their communities and the systems that affect them to function optimally to holistically meet the development needs.

The project team must produce a suitable written sustainability plan which will provide a road map to guide the team and partners who will work in the project. Including a well-written sustainability plan can also strengthen the prospective funders’ and partners’ buy-in and understanding of the efforts needed to keep the project operating and improving. A sustainability plan can help identify what resources are necessary to sustain the project, encourage the development of partnerships and support collaboration, and help define progress and the necessary action steps needed to ensure long-term success after the grant ends. Engaging in sustainability planning gives you an opportunity to map out how you can maintain valuable projects and innovations in a changing environment.

There are 6 Key Steps in the Sustainability Planning Process. They are as follows:

  1. Clarify the project goal.

    Every planning pertaining to the project must begin with the goal. The need to ensure that project goals are met need no overemphasis.


  1. Determine what to sustain.

    The main things to sustain are the outcomes of the project, not activities or funding. The focus at this point should be results-based. So the impacts, outcomes, outputs of the project must be identified. The factors that ensure their sustenance must be identified. For instance, if a project aims to increase knowledge of tuberculosis among students in community X through sensitization workshops. What has to be sustained is knowledge.


  1. Build collaboration.

    Partnerships and linkages with similar organizations is a great approach to sustainability. When the project life cycle is complete, partners will still be on the ground. Continuing with our earlier example; potential partners in this project could be the school authorities or the schools’ management board or even the ministry of education. Once identified, they can be approached and persuaded to buy-in to the project.


  1. Choose your desired sustainability strategies and methods.

    Strategies for sustainability will vary from project to project. In our case, we could decide to develop sensitization manuals which will be available in the libraries for students to read or mainstream tuberculosis awareness in an already existing subject area or modify the teaching curriculum. It is obvious that the more powerful your partners the better the chances of creating stronger strategies and methods.


  1. Develop action steps for sustainability.

    Develop a step by step action plan on how to achieve the identified strategies. The plan has to be as realistic as possible. This plan is what is included in the proposal.


  1. Document and communicate your sustainability successes.

    In the course of project execution, it is important to record and document every success and challenges too. These should be shared with funders and partners alongside other reports.

Our Cars

Have you ever asked yourself what good government is all about?

According to Thomas Jefferson, “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the only legitimate object of good government.” Good government does not in any way imply that the government of a country should throw money in the streets in a bid make the citizens happy.

In my country, the citizens are not happy, our cars are roadworthy but unfortunately, our roads are not car worthy and the government is doing absolutely nothing about it. To mention but a few, Enugu – Onitsha Expressway, Enugu – Port Harcourt Expressway, Nsukka – Makurdi Expressway. The above-mentioned roads are not car worthy and the unworthiness of the road is alarming.

Talk about the roads in the rural parts of the country! These ones are a no go area as the people in the rural area are living in darkness. It’s like the government doesn’t know that people exist in rural areas. They forget that the rural roads are directly related to their sources of livelihood.

The primary function of the government is to see to the need of its people and they have failed as most of the roads are death traps.

Why have the government failed to make the people under their car happy?

#freenairamarley – Why Cyber Crime trends in Nigeria

Nigeria loses 127 billion Naira to cybercrime yearly, which is 0.8 per cent of the country’s GDP. Cybercrime has become a bane in the economy and society at large. There are a host of cybercrimes being perpetrated by Nigerians but the most popular is the 419/Internet fraud which is commonly known as Yahoo Yahoo in our Nigerian parlance. It has been on the increase lately.

Some youth have without denial taken it as their full-time job and have crafted reasons to make it justifiable. How sad! Can there ever be any justifiable reason for indulging in Yahoo Yahoo? Recently, this was a trending topic on social media and to my surprise, a number of young people gave reasons why it is justifiable; from lack of employment to poverty, bad economy, peer pressure and as a means of survival. These attempts to justify crime shows that it is no longer a big deal and as a people, we have accepted it as part of the very fabric of our society.

The reason people indulge in Yahoo Yahoo;

Greed! Jonathan Gash said Fraud is the daughter of greed. Young people trying to outdo each other, amassing luxuries and liabilities all in the name of showing off and keeping up with appearances. Thus, the get rich quick syndrome has eaten deep into the minds of most youth that they find legitimate ways of making money uninteresting. They have refused to go through the growth process and want to arrive even before they start leaping. Despite the efforts of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to curb this menace, it keeps growing and we have the anonymity nature of the internet to thank.

These actions, to whose detriment?

Every Nigerian! Around the world, Nigerians are seen as suspects, investors don’t feel safe with us, to mention a few. Moreover, these negative effects have caused colossal reputational damage to Nigeria as a country. Sincere citizens will have to work twice as hard to prove that they are different. Currently, Nigeria at the moment ranks 144 out of 180 on Transparency International corruption perception index. How long are we going to continue to destroy a nation that is standing on one leg?

At the moment, Naira Marley, a Nigerian artist is being prosecuted by the EFCC for internet fraud after he openly showed support for yahoo yahoo. He asked Nigerians to pray for them rather than condemn them. And to think that some youth are out on the streets with placards protesting for his release with the Free Naira Marley hashtag is disheartening. If he is found guilty by the law, he should face the music. Making a case for fraud only shows that some Nigerians have a problem. We complain about politicians, kidnapping, armed robbery and we want to overlook that of yahoo yahoo? All crimes must be punished.

Frederick William Robertson said, there are three things in the world that deserve no mercy; hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny. A changed mindset and attitude are all we need. No circumstance is an excuse for Crime. #SayNoToCrime!!

Beautiful World for women: possible or not?

The beauty of life and well being is in the inclusion of all and sundry. Society reveals its true beauty when the value of women is upheld and treasured.

In the days of our fore Parents, care, love and respect were ascribed to the woman and the role she plays in the home. She builds a stable home both for the husband and the child. The child gets its first education from her and the husband his nutrition. Her very presence brings warmth and calmness and her dignity is well protected.

Young men were taught to be defenders of the home. They stood up for the girl and shielded her from any form of violence or violation. Thus they received more education to strengthen their defence and provide for a home when they became men and the young girls were taught in the ways of their mothers to maintain and run a home. Families would make contributions to carter for the needs of the home of their deceased brother knowing that they had the responsibility to care for the women and children. Indeed the world was a beautiful place to live in then.

Now times have changed. The yearn for western traditions has reshaped the roles played by our fore-parents. Women now not only have to care for their home but have to provide for it as well. Men have neglected their duties and deserted the home with no one to provide for them. The young boys have forgotten their training and have become valiance. Virtue is no longer cherished and protected and no one speaks up for the girl child anymore. Education has become a tool to manipulate and violate the girl child. Child marriages and girl child trafficking are on the increase.

The girl child can rise to protect herself against this once beautiful but now scornful society. She can braise up and defend her rights. She can gain freedom from her manipulators and justice for the violators. Yes! She can speak up for herself only if she is given the same tool as the oppressor. The world can become beautiful again when the girl child reaches her full potentials and can rise up against the whims and caprices of the society oppressing her. Make the world beautiful again. Create a learning environment for her to thrive and reach to the top.

Train your girl child is becoming a cliche already. Beyond all the hype, is gender equality achievable in today’s world. Can things ever return to a state where women rights have protection and are free from exploitation?