Meet our Awesome Ambassadors

Who is a SEVICS Campus Ambassador?

Campus Ambassadors are students in various higher institutions and work as representatives of the organization in their institution. They receive online mentoring and have a chance to coordinate programs of SEVICS with students in their institution. It is also a platform for the growth and development of future founders and CEOs. The program sets the stage for Ambassadors to set personal development goals and work towards them. They learn about opportunities for personal development and have access to resources that will enable them to make better life choices.

Who can be a SEVICS Campus Ambassador?

The best candidates to become SEVICS Campus Ambassadors must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Be active students who participate in other non-academic Student Activities in Campus
  • Maybe current or past leaders of various Campus-based Clubs, Societies or Student Bodies
  • Collaborate with other Student groups that may be interested in benefiting from the Youth Leadership Talks by the SEVICS Team
  • Promote SEVICS events and activities among students in their institution
  • Host bi-annual online contests in their institutions
  • Participate in the monthly coffee meetings with the SEVICS Team
Ijeoma Okwuosa
Chiamaka Madu

What are the benefits of being a SEVICS Campus Ambassador?

Here are some benefits that our Ambassadors enjoy:

  • Ambassadors receive a starter kit including a manual and a hat. These items are retained by the Ambassador at the end of the program.
  • Ambassadors complete the Campus Ambassadors’ Leadership Online Course
  • Earn a Certificate and an Award at the end of a Year
  • Access to a lifetime of mentorship and an opportunity to join SEVICS’s Youth Mentor’s Club
  • Access opportunities to network with other Ambassadors from other Campuses
Nmesoma Oloto
Kingsley Okereke

Who can join our Ambassador Program?

he ideal candidate is a current Student of a higher institution (girls are encouraged to apply) who must:

  • be active, ambitious and social
  • have good social profiles
  • be apolitical at the national/state level. This does not include campus politics
  • have a good network with students and other campus organizations
  • be committed to the program for a year