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Official SEVICS website Les-Brown Blog

4 Simple Ways to Achieve your Personal Development Goals

Formal Education is no longer enough to meet the challenges of today’s workplace. Young people feel that they lack adequate ...
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Official SEVICS website sex Blog

Where You Should Source Sex Information from

The expression; sources of sex information implies those persons, books, place or thing that supplies facts on sexuality. Young people ...
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Official SEVICS website 1200px-Flag_of_Canada_Pantone.svg_ Blog

True or False: A million Canadian Visas for Nigerians?

Just in case you saw the news about how the Canadian Prime Minister is begging the Nigerian President to let ...
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Official SEVICS website African-men-640x407 Blog

How African men should see Gender Equality

In a very remote village, some rural women are getting entertained by some city women. They had come to show ...
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Official SEVICS website culture Blog

The Human Rights and Culture divide? Another Watching the Slab scenario?

A raging argument on the universality of human rights continues. People still wonder which divide of the argument is correct ...
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Official SEVICS website broken-4 Blog

Broken homes & Baby Mamas: a peek into future families?

We live in a cosmetic world where problems are mostly covered up, not solved. Family is the most problematic aspect ...
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Official SEVICS website employee-health-wellness-img4 Blog

Keep the staff! Sack obesity!!

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. So what? It leads to huge workplace losses in billions of dollars annually. Again, so ...
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Official SEVICS website is-this-love Blog

Mum, Is this love? The Story of Child Marriage.

Every girl has dreams of meeting the right man, falling in love and settling down. In many parts of Africa, ...
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Official SEVICS website teenage-pregnancy-2 Blog

What to do if a teen is Pregnant. Tips for parents

Being pregnant is usually a welcome experience and a thing of joy when it occurs at a right time. Pregnancy ...
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Official SEVICS website caffeine Blog

Caffeine: booster or buster?

Many people need that morning cup of coffee or a jolt of caffeine in the afternoon to help them get ...
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Official SEVICS website smartphones Blog

Is your Smartphone Killing You?

Smartphones are an important part of our lives. It is very difficult to pass a day now without using a ...
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Official SEVICS website digitalhealth3-1024x696 Blog

Will the Digital Health Revolution Save African Lives?

SEVICS has great interests in promoting innovative tech initiatives that provide solutions to predominant health issues in West Africa. Digital ...
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Official SEVICS website budgeting_planing_budget Blog

Budgets made easy!!! Learn how to make a budget for your project.

Irrespective of type and scope of your project, it requires a good budget. They are a compulsory component of successful ...
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Official SEVICS website volunteer Blog


Most people feel they are born for something great! Do you ever feel that way? I bet you do. I ...
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Official SEVICS website impact1 Blog


It is a common development saying that “if you value a thing, then measure it”. Can we always get the ...
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