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What we think of Valentine’s Day 2020

To mark the 2020 Valentine’s Day, we made a number of videos to answer some questions that young people have ...
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How I quit Smoking | A story of Dirty Lungs and a Good Heart

In modern societies today, the rate of smoking habits keep increasing. Hence, the extreme difficulty associated with efforts to quit ...
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GOOD GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA | A search for the impossible? | Possible way out

Nigeria is a country with great potentials. But, these potentials have been punctured by a myriad of problems. These problems ...
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“Police is your friend” is a popular maxim displayed in Police Stations across Nigeria. That doesn’t matter anyway since Police ...
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How to break from a relationship

It might be to that point where things do not seem to have a headway in a relationship. Have you ...
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Good Facilitator Skills │ Everything you need to know!

To have good facilitator skills and lead Workshops and training events is an interesting prospect. However, mastering the art of ...
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#4 Reverberations

In our society, the belief that the spiritual or invisible world control the physical world is held high. This belief ...
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Games for Learning │ At First Sight

Summary: This game is an icebreaker in which people write their first impressions of each other on a large piece ...
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Games for Learning │ Pick a Colour

Summary: Pick a Colour is an icebreaker that allows people to get to know each other. Each player takes a ...
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Fun Stories │ The Golden Eagle

A man found an eagle’s egg and placed it under a brooding hen. The eaglet hatched with the chickens and ...
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Games for Learning │ Adjective Game

Summary: The adjective game is an effective icebreaker that helps people to introduce themselves in front of a group. It ...
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#3 Something higher than us

Chioma stopped coming to church, just like that. Several visits to her place revealed that she no longer stayed there ...
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12 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your Workshop and Engage Your Audience

It is becoming quite the standard to incorporate fun ideas to spice up your workshop and engage your audience. In ...
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Casement Fellowship in Human Rights

The Roger Casement fellowship has been established to honour the memory of the Irish human rights activist Roger Casement who ...
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#2. The Way Things Are Meant To Be

In the months that proceeded, Tobi traveled to his home town to see his mother. I went to church for ...
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