Overcome Failure and become a super success story

The essence of success

Stories of successful people motivate us. They strike a fire in our hearts, gives us a sense of direction, models to emulate, a path to follow, a plan of action and the list goes on. In general, it does different things to different persons but all pushes to one goal: the goal of becoming successful so that we will have our stories told to the unborn.

Success stories are everywhere: in places of worship; at work; in buses; markets; music videos. They adorn the lips of men and the bodies of women. Success has become idolized; a sort of demigod everyone finds some affiliation to in a bid to allow some of its magic rub off.


Well, here are some tips on how to become a successful person.

  • Go to bed very late every day and rise up early: you will see yourself doing a lot of work and making great efforts to reach your goal. To help keep awake, drink lots of coffee.
  • Alienate your friends and family: if they would be a source of distraction, why not!
  • No birthdays, hangouts with friends or any of such: time is precious.
  • Try to imitate the mannerisms of your favorite successful person: if you have to be like them, you have to learn to talk like them.
  • Don’t worry about your looks, they are not important: this is not the time for that.
  • Do not care a lot about food.
  • Work hard, harder and harder: if you don’t, how would you succeed?
  • You do not need your colleagues: this race is individual, personal.
  • Learn to walk with determination: it gives you that success attitude.


When you have attained your desired level of success, you will need to share your story with people around whether friend or foe. The following hints will help you transmit the story better.

  • Learn the ancient art of theatricality: stories are nothing without some drama. You will need it.
  • Learn to dress fashionably: this is important as it makes the listener convinced that you have truly “arrived”.
  • Learn to be humble: it’s important to show your listeners to know that they can connect with you.
  • Improve your vocabulary: you will need this a lot especially when you must create some intense moment and polish some grey areas.
  • Join a group of like minds, like a success group.
  • Never show your bad habits in public, you will lose respect.
  • Always exude an air of confidence and control, like you can control time and have no worries.
  • Walk closely with social media and learn her vocabulary: it would help you connect with the younger generation and give you a timeless appeal.



Now to the real story.

Success is a measure calculated in the amount of impact made in other people’s lives. It is not the position we want, the physical acquisitions, the spouse and children. Life is a journey, not a destination, which is, though odd, enjoyed when the odds are against us, that there will always be lonely nights and busy days. Success is a fleeting thing just as money is because a person who is deemed successful today might become a pauper tomorrow.

Why should anyone alienate others on their quest for success in their chosen field of endeavor? Success is not a lonely journey, everyone we meet on our journey brings us a step closer to our goal. And without good health, moments of bliss such as when we hit a goal, will not be enjoyed.

It’s not about the goals we achieve, the things we acquire or the length of time we have spent on earth. It’s the impact we have made, the lives we have accompanied, the souls we have touched.


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