Michael Ukwuma

Michael Chijioke Ukwuma is a Human Rights Educator and the Founder of SEVICS. His work in the nonprofit sector began in 2010. During the compulsory National Youth Service Program, Michael was posted to the College of Health Technology, Ningi in Bauchi State, Nigeria. Coincidentally, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) had a project that was jointly running at the College in Ningi and elsewhere in Calabar. This was the Primary Healthcare Development Project and would help the State build improved capacity in training healthcare workers. Though his primary assignment was to teach Anatomy and Physiology to students of the Community Health Department, he took an interest in working with the Project Focal Person in the institution. Within the next year, he learned about Gender Analysis, Learner Centred Instruction, Participatory Learning and Action, Learning Resource Management, Reporting, and Outcome-Based Education.

Despite working at several jobs, Michael wanted to create a platform where young people can access the information they need to become the best version of themselves. This desire was inspired by the impact his encounter with the CIDA project had on him in Ningi. The knowledge he gained within that one year period significantly shaped his world view of what kinds of skills really mattered in the workplace. The realization that in the Nigerian space, most employed young people must constantly learn new skills which the academic institutions ignored wholly became a great motivation. As it was, academic knowledge was not merely inadequate but proved useless in most modern workplaces. Any young Nigerian with hopes of thriving in the workplace must develop thinking, analytical and innovative skills. Hence the ideas leading up to SEVICS were conceived.

SEVICS was a dream Michael had in 2015. This dream did not materialize until 29th August 2017 when SEVICS was registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria as a Registered Charity (CAC/IT/No 100224).

Michael received a Master’s Degree in Public Health Education from the University of Nigeria and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anatomy from Madonna University, both in Nigeria. He has worked as a Research and Communication Officer of the Carmelite Prisoner Interest Organization (CAPIO) where he contributed to eleven projects and raised over two million Euros for Criminal Justice Reforms and Youth Development in Nigeria. He enjoys engaging hundreds of young people on the subject of leadership via social media, especially via the SEVICS YouTube Channel. He has a passion for research and has demonstrated this through eight publications in academic journals. He has worked in researches funded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), EuropeAid, VOICE, and Misean Cara. Michael has interests in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Empowerment, Fundraising, and Project Development. His dream is to inspire the next generation of Nigerians to be innovative and develop effective leadership skills.

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