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Welcome to the Official Website of SEVICS!



An enabling environment for young people in Africa to achieve their highest potentials in all facets of life.


To empower young people from diverse vulnerable backgrounds for effective leadership and optimized productivity through developing technical skills, improved academic capabilities, wholesome recreational engagements and appropriate health promotion skills.

We make awesome videos that provide information on human rights, fundraising and youth development. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more contents!

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Society for Empowering Vulnerable Individuals, Communities and Systems (SEVICS) is an organization that is set to provide people-centred interventions that target improved wellbeing and livelihood of the most vulnerable persons in rural Nigerian communities especially young persons and the aged. SEVICS combines participatory learning, advocacy and community development to contribute towards improved social systems using simple, affordable, socially acceptable approaches, technologies and innovations. Know More..

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Diversity, Equal Opportunities and development. Inclusion for all persons irrespective of gender identity, race, class, social, religious, political or economic status. Free expression for all and support for creativity, mentorship and self-actualisation. Our wish is to have a world where everyone feels at home.



We have the most awesome team of young people working for a better society. Our team is comprised of Volunteers and other key staff. We believe that a committed team is a key to attaining our goals and we are ever expanding till we achieve such dynamism and expertise in all fields that relate to the youth. There is always room in our team. You too can join the movement today.Join our team

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Jeff Agu
Creative Director – Mentor

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Saint Samson
Creative Content Developer – Volunteer

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Ijeoma Okwuosa
Creative Content Developer – Volunteer

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Magnus Anyanwu
Creative Content Developer – Volunteer

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Michael Ukwuma
Executive Director – Administration