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An enabling environment for young people in Africa to achieve their highest potentials in all facets of life.

To empower young people from diverse vulnerable backgrounds for effective leadership and optimized productivity… read more

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SEVICS seeks to be a source of current genuine and reliable information on issue affecting the youth. Read More

Education is an important factor contributing towards having desirable life outcomes… read more

In every health intervention, SEVICS will promote the principles of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)read more

SEVICS mobilizes young people whether they are in-school or out of school to become self-reliant…read more

All the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are attainable when people learn about there powers to influence…read more

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Diversity, Equal Opportunities and development. Inclusion for all persons irrespective of gender identity, race, class, social, religious, political or economic status. Free expression for all and support for creativity, mentorship and self-actualisation. Our wish is to have a world where everyone feels at home.


SEVICS is an organization that is set to provide people-centred interventions that target improved wellbeing and livelihood of the most vulnerable persons in rural Nigerian communities especially young persons and the aged. SEVICS combines participatory learning, advocacy and community development to contribute towards improved social systems using simple, affordable, socially acceptable approaches, technologies and innovations.Know More..

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3 Simple ways you can make a difference with SEVICS today!!


You can become a contributor to the SEVICS Blog. We encourage young people to volunteer their literary skills to enable us create richer, more relatable content for our teeming young population. Our goal is to build quality content with such diversity that meets the needs our readers. Our contributors stand a chance to join our online and offline mentorship programs at no additional cost. To review our Article development guidelines, click here!


Volunteerism is a gift everyone can give to the world. So far as you are giving through SEVICS and other organizations that make a real impact, you will soon see our world become better. The society is what we make of it. It is easy to want a better society, but only heroes work for it.

Here are a few ways that volunteerism will help you to build a great career. First, it creates an opportunity to work at a job you don’t have yet. This builds your self-confidence and gives you a foretaste of what a career in that area really feels like. Second, you get to work with people who are more experienced than you. This helps you build your experience. Third, Volunteer experience is a very important part of career requirements in today’s world. Universities require some level of volunteer time during admission processes. Your Curriculum vitae is not complete without one volunteer experience in the least. Fourth, you can finally try out several opportunities to help you decide where your true passion lies. This will help you save years of job dissatisfaction. Mentors can be picked up along the line. This we can agree is invaluable. So, if you are not already volunteering, then begin today.


Support our Work with a small contribution!

To support the work we do at SEVICS, our donors are not expected to do much. A small donation of $5 is all you need to get started. With that much. we can create more skill training opportunities for vulnerable young people in Nigeria. We make video shout-outs to our donors and you can receive a link to the video where we acknowledge your contributions to our work.

Your contribution assists us to organize weekly online and monthly offline engagements with young people with whom we work. This way you are empowering the leaders of tomorrow in a big way.

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