Living Research Project

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This project seeks to develop research capacities among young people to prepare them to recognize and seek real solutions to societal problems. SEVICS also conducts researches in line with the needs of our target groups. We recognize that research is essential to business as steering wheels are essential to driving because they assess and constantly point out areas where improvements are needed. Researches could further find and proffer solutions to needs discovered.

SEVICS staff are trained to design, manage, report, test and ease publication of research outcomes. Our researches are applied to the following:
¨ Needs Assessment
¨ Project Monitoring & Evaluation


Needs Assessment

All organizations face with the need to prove/verify the existence of a perceived problem using valid and reliable methods. This allows them to place their priorities in the most profitable order. Needs assessments enable these organizations to apply result-based approaches which could guarantee that resources expended on a project yields the desired results. All SEVICS projects depend on effective needs assessment processes.

We help organizations to access the best of Needs Assessment Services through:
¨ providing education that empowers organizations to carry out their own needs assessments.
¨ independently conducting needs assessments for organizations.


Project Monitoring & Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation are essential to successful completion of any project. While monitoring is a process that continues through the life cycle of the project, evaluation is conducted at the start, midway (depending on the nature and duration of project) and conclusion of the project. We help develop approaches and tools that are best suited for project and to help organizations achieve results they can be happy with.

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